In-Office Consultant Courses

It has often been said that the success of the practice is partly built on clinical skills, but mainly based on relationships.  These are built through a series contact points with the patient and if those are poorly managed the patient has a poor experience as a result.  On the other hand, if they are well managed, the patient becomes a raving fan!

There is no limit to the success of a practice other than those created from within and fortunately these can be redesigned!  The consultant team at LVI can start with a practice evaluation to highlight holes in the practice plan to accomplish your vision.  Systems are taught that literally create a framework for success for the business of the practice...  Hygiene can be molded into a profit center…  HR issues can virtually be eliminated… office protocols can be tailored for your personal vision… and advanced concepts like NM occlusion and K7 technology can easily be incorporated into the practice.  

The fastest route to success is along a path that the LVI consulting team has helped practices all over the world walk.  Take advantage of them to make your practice accomplish more than you dare to dream!