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This course will start you on a path to a greater understanding and enjoyment in your profession! An exciting hands-on course that gives you the tools to treat complex cases and gain treatment acceptance from your patients using Physiologic Based Dentistry!

You have patients in your practice RIGHT NOW that can benefit from these concepts; you have the opportunity to change their lives starting the day you return to your office!

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

Recognize musculoskeletal signs & symptoms of TMD
Discuss why and how to take a physiologic bite and its relationship to the rest of the body
Create the ideal Physiologic Orthotic
Eliminate Bruxism/Grinding in almost every case
Develop skills to eliminate chronic pain no other health provider can
Discuss the bite positions related to headache, neck pain and back pain
Identify the underlying cause of malocclusion and its importance
Identify why Class 2 & Class 3 malocclusions develop
Discuss which cosmetic cases may require additional multidisciplinary treatment to ensure success
Discuss the relationship of airway & TMD

Additional Topics:

Introducing the new Tag Biteā„  hands-on workshop for TMD cases
Most importantly learn to love what you do for a living!

Tuition:$1,995 – Doctor
Prerequisites: None
Dynamic Team Concepts Tuition:$595 – Per Attendee
Length of Course:2 days
AGD Codes: 010, 180, 200, 550, 610, 730

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