Full Mouth Public Relations Campaign


Along with a number of alumni of the Core program, LVI has spent the last several years building a growing Public Relations campaign to educate the public about the life-changing benefits of Physiologic Dentistry. Our goal is to bring to the attention of the public that dentists who are educated in Physiologic dentistry are able to address many symptoms that have not been addressed before.

Upon completion of Core VII: Full Mouth Reconstruction, LVI attendees are eligible to participate in the Full Mouth Public Relations Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to educate the consumer about Physiologic Dentistry and how it may eliminate or alleviate symptoms that they are experiencing. LVI works closely with a PR Firm to generate print, radio and video press releases throughout the year. Additionally, LVI Faculty members participate in radio interviews.

In all efforts, the consumer is directed to visit www.leadingdentists.com. This Website explains what Physiologic dentistry is and how aesthetic dentistry education can address a multitude of symptoms never before addressed with dentistry. Patients can also search for an LVI Physiologic dentist who has completed our Full Mouth course. Approximately 25,000 different people visit this site monthly!