LVI Fellow Technician

Technicians seeking the title “LVIFT” will have completed a comprehensive program that includes a series of advanced lab courses and LVI’s Core I (Advanced Functional Dentistry) for dentists and lab technicians. After completing these courses and the successful completion of a written exam, a technician will be recognized as a “LVI Fellow Technician.” Once a LVIFT, the coveted LVI Mastership Award (LVIM) is now within reach. Go for it!


1. Successful Completion of the 4-LVI Technician courses
1.1 (LVI Smile Design)
1.2 (Physiologic Techniques for Technicians and Doctors)
1.3 (Ultimate Solutions of Complex, Comprehensive Cases)
1.4 (LVI Advanced Aesthetic Technician)
2. Successful Completion of the CORE 1 program at LVI
3. Passing grade of at least 85% on the LVI Technician Fellowship exam