Digital Diagnostic Advanced In-Office with Bill Wade

Course Type: In-Office Consultant Courses

It’s a Journey, not a Destination. Have you found the path a little rocky with your Computer Systems? Has your Physiologic Journey been diverted? The series of Physiologic courses at LVI are designed to first challenge you to make a paradigm shift, then provide an unprecedented path to reach an exceptional level of Dentistry. Because Physiologic Dentistry requires the use of sophisticated computerized technology Dentists can become side tracked in the systems. It is time to learn to use the Technology as the tool it was meant to be, and get back to performing Exceptional Dentistry!

This course is not a seminar. The course offers two days packed with Physiologic Dentistry. Working on your active patients involves you and your entire team, from the front office to your Lab. I will create this two-day program to meet your specific needs.
Weaknesses in using this Technology will be easily identified, but the primary focus will be providing comprehensive Physiologic treatment for your patients. The topics below serve as a guide to what might be presented. The patients you choose will determine what we do. After 30 years of treating patients, and over 5000 Physiologic Bites, I can assure you this is the best training you can receive to achieve the level of competence you seek. Changing the focus from “Teaching” to “Coaching” intensifies the learning process, by identifying where you need help, but even more importantly, we will not waste time on the areas of treatment you have mastered. You will be amazed at how much you are already doing RIGHT!

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Advanced Two Day In-Office where we will work on patients –Tuition: $7000

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Course Type: In Office
AGD Codes: 730 Prerequisites: Must own either a BioPAK or K7

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Obtain optimal computer-generated data
  • Apply computer-generated data towards patient care and treatment planning
  • Discuss the importance of proper case documentation for patient education, risk management purposes and in order to optimize patient care and treatment planning
  • Apply information from case review and summarization in order to facilitate patient care and treatment planning

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