David Buck, DDS

S. David Buck is a 1988 University of Washington School of Dentistry graduate and has been in continuous full time private practice in Seattle. He has raised six children with his wife Theresa, and has been extensively involved in community service and youth coaching. Dr. Buck has been involved in study clubs through University of Washington and has studied with Drs. John Kois and Frank Spear. Dr. Buck embraced mercury-free, biocompatible dentistry in 1990 and he was one of the first dental offices in the nation to design, test and install mercury separation equipment to capture and prevent mercury waste from entering the waste water stream. He has since received the Washington’s Governor’s award for environmental excellence and a coveted “5-star Envirostar” rating for King County. He is a founding partner in one of the premier mercury separator manufacturers, Rebec Systems, LLC, and Pristine Environmental LLC both located in Washington State.

Dr. Buck’s passion for an all adhesive/cosmetic practice lead him to Dr. Bill Dickerson at the opening of LVI in 1998. Dr. Buck finished the core programs in 2001, and was immediately invited to teach other dentists at LVI. He has been an LVI clinical instructor since 2002, and has gone on to become a Regional Director for LVI in 2005 lecturing to dentists around the country on cosmetics and Physiologic concepts.

Dr. Buck has been published in the “LVI Visions” magazine. Dr. Buck went on to receive the prestigious LVI Mastership (LVIM) for neuromuscular and esthetic dentistry in 2008. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the IACA in 2009 and continues to serve in this position. Dr. Buck has lectured nationally and in Canada on the advanced TMD neuromuscular practice including the Myotronics Anniversary conference, IAPA, and Inland Washington dental conference. He currently directs two Physiologic Based Dentistry study clubs in both Seattle and Spokane and is a featured speaker for Aurum Ceramic Labs.

Dr. S. David Buck does not have relevant financial relationships with proprietary entities producing health care goods or services related to the content of LVI courses.