About LVI


LVI is an ever evolving Institute and virtual laboratory. The array of live patient programs and hands on workshops allows us to be exposed to so many unique and difficult cases. Because of that, we have changed and advanced our courses, incorporating new techniques and principles into our curriculum. There have been more advances in Physiologic dentistry since LVI has been involved than the previous 35 years, and these advancements have occurred on an ongoing basis. Our courses are designed to keep you at the most current understanding of the science, technology and clinical significance in Physiologic dentistry. What we taught two years ago is different than what we are teaching today.

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Cancellation Policy:

$500 initial course registration fees are non refundable.  Course tuition is refundable up to 60 day from the first day of the course.  Physical items purchased from the LVI Store are non refundable, however items received faulty or damaged will be exchanged for like items within 30 days of delivery.  Digital items purchased (software or multimedia) which are delivered electronically are non refundable.