Alumni Testimonials

“After having been introduced to physiologic dentistry over 20 years ago, there is not a day in my practice that these principles don’t guide all my treatment decisions.  I have helped so many patients who have been unsuccessful with traditional dentistry.”

Dr. Kevin Winters, Austin, TX

“The single greatest investment I have ever made wasn’t a stock or piece of equipment.  It was in myself. My LVI education has perpetuated my passion for total health care, something dental school doesn’t teach.”

Dr. Ed Suh, Raleigh, NC

“Physiologic Dentistry has provided me the ability to stand out amongst dentists, which has also provided me with an extra source of revenue and gratification you don’t get with bread and butter dentistry.”

Dr. Lucas Deeter, Bismarck, ND

“The single most rewarding patient I treat today is the pain patient; the one that has been in pain for an extended period of time, often years. Dollar for dollar my LVI education has proved to be my best ROI ever.”

Dr. Gordon Rye, Fairfax, VA

“Physiologic dentistry has completely changed every aspect of my practice.   Patients seek me out for help and I have become more successful with every part of dentistry than I could have ever imagined and it’s all because of how physiologic dentistry teaches you to practice.”  

Dr. Jake Goza, Maryville, TN

“The reward of learning physiologic based dentistry lies in the ability to confidently assess and execute large, very complex cases in your practice. The knowledge allows you to help patients who no other doctors have been able to help, and this is a win-win for the health of your patients, as well as the financial health of your dental practice.”

Dr. Trey Miller, Amarillo, TX

“Finding LVI and becoming a student of physiologic dentistry has shaped my entire career.  The knowledge it took me over twenty years to learn can now be gained in just a few short years thanks to the vision and unrelenting drive of LVI and Bill Dickerson to make dentistry the best it can be.”

Dr. Michael Bufo, Portland, ME

“Imagine the freedom, knowing the actual answers for your patients TMD pain issues, imagine the freedom of financial security that goes along with predictable comprehensive dentistry that actually solves these issues. This is what the investment in my LVI journey has provided for me.”

Dr. Douglas Hanson, Ontario, Canada

“LVI and its teachings of Physiologic Based Dentistry have transformed and revolutionized my practice and how I treat my patients.  I cannot imagine practicing dentistry any other way and my LVI education has paid for itself at least a hundredfold.”

Dr. Michael Firouzian, Columbus, OH

“LVI change my life! Learning physiologic based dentistry opened my eyes to my ability as a dentist to improve the lives of my patients; and in many cases saving their lives by eliminating chronic pain and subsequent depression. Having a career where I love what I do is priceless. I cannot imagine how I could have ever done dentistry any other way!”

Dr. Ami Barakat, Ottawa, Ontario

“The only reason I am still in Dentistry is because of LVI and Physiologic Dentistry.”

Dr. Jess Santucci, Orinda, CA

“Bill Dickerson has literally changed my life and career. I truly have the practice of my dreams and I never would have had it without Bill’s guidance and education.”  

Dr. Fred Abeles – Atlanta, GA

“I’ve taken on cases I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing this soon out of dental school, and honestly, I’ve had really amazing results.”

Dr. Rachael Malin, Lacrosse, WI

“There is no other concept in dentistry that I value more than my knowledge of physiologic dentistry. From the time I took my first course 15 years ago the concepts contained in physiologic dentistry just made sense and I couldn’t ignore that this was the best for my patients.”

Dr. Keith Warr, Salt Lake City, UT

“It is very difficult to describe the tremendous impact that LVI has had on my practice, life, patient’s lives, and my professional fulfillment.  I would have quit dentistry 20 years ago if I had not been fortunate to have taken the initiative to invest in myself through LVI.”

Dr. Ron Konig, Houston, TX

“Since graduating from Dental School 42 years ago, the consistently best Continuing Education Courses have been all of the courses that I took at LVI.  When you can help someone who has been in pain for years or when you can predictably improve their smile, that’s when you realize the value of your investment.”

Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Learning PBD through LVI has completely changed the trajectory of my dental career.  I am able to recognize and diagnose things I never knew existed before.  I have happier patients and I feel more comfortable treating complex cases that I would have never treated before.”

Dr. Mark Hawn, Sandpoint, ID

“My investment in (PBD) Physiologic dentistry has given me more than an ROI. It has re-ignited my passion for dentistry. My investment in LVI has returned a 10 fold increase in my production!”

Dr. John Garza, Phoenix, AZ

“I have been in practice for 35 year and can’t imagine what it would be like not to apply the principles of Physiologic Dentistry to my patients.  You owe this to the health of your patients.” 

Dr. Joseph M. Barton, Jacksonville, FL

“The satisfaction and return of investment on becoming proficient in Physiologic Dentistry is extremely personally and professionally rewarding.  Practicing for close to 38 years would not have been possible if my practice solely depended on running from room to room doing basic dentistry.  In light of our professional climate today investing in oneself is even more important today.”

Dr. Joe Henry, Orange County, CA

“LVI’s Physiologic Dentistry is the most important addition to my practice in the last 20 years. It is the foundation of TMD and restorative dentistry. Without LVI I would be competing with every other corporate practice.”

Dr. John Marque, Lancaster, OH

“This type of dentistry has allowed my practice to grow and evolve during these trying times.  Last year during the pandemic, we were shut down for 10 weeks by our governor, and I still had the best year of my career!  I am forever indebted to LVI and physiologic dentistry.”

Dr. David Schmidt, Lake Forest, IL

“Resolving my wife’s pain through Physiologic Dentistry was the biggest ROI I could ask for. She has been asymptotic for over 15yrs. Now with the knowledge I have attained I helped 100’s of other patients with their TMJ pain. My initial investment has been returned to me exponentially!”

Dr. Lance E. Loveless, Austin, TX 

“My journey into PBD has equipped me to tools to diagnose and treat patients that I never would have been able to help otherwise while making me more profitable and efficient.  It has humbled me to witness how my treating patients’ sleep apnea, chronic pain and bite issues can indeed improve their systemic health and quality of life.” 

Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia, Miami, FL

“There are few courses that change your life but Learning PBD at LVI has changed our life and our practice. We went from a regular good dental practice to a practice that was able to change patient’s lives and help many patients suffering with issues that few doctors are trained to treat.”

Dr. Raul Garcia, Miami, FL

“I am 64 years old and continue to enjoy practicing dentistry because of what I have learned at LVI.  The return on the investment I made taking classes and learning about Physiologic Dentistry has allowed continuous and steady growth in my dental practice.”

Dr. Chong Lee, McLean, VA

“I average over 150 hours of CE for the past 30 years. I have been involved with LVI for the last 20 years and it has produced the greatest return on investment of anything I have ever taken!!” 

Dr. Mike Reece, Bryan, TX

“Today, I saw 21 patients. 7 Ortho, 2 OSA, 2 crown inserts, 1 cosmetic consult, 2 new patient exams, 4 TMD patients and 3 restorative patients. For all 21 patients, I utilized at least one thing that I learned at LVI. Tomorrow looks about the same.”

Dr. Tim Gross, Hilton Head, SC

“The one thing I value is predictability… especially in big cases.  Where other schools of thought have left me frustrated with an unpredictable outcome, LVI has shown me incredibly predictable, very straight forward protocols that give me great results every time and that actually give you an incredible return on your investment!”

Dr. Ryan Jouett, Bryan, TX

“PBD is a game changer for any dentist. The ROI is : lifesaving dentistry from airway /oxygen to pain relief and getting  your patient back to a better quality of life .The referrals and appreciation from your patients is miles long. Your eyes will be opened to what you didn’t know and you will SEE forever differently.”

Dr. Becky Coats, Grapevine, TX

“I love dentistry because of PBD.  I am able to serve patients at a higher level affecting not only their oral health, but systemically as well.  Patients get better care and I get  more financial freedom, its a win-win!!”  

Dr. Brandon Turley, Bend, OR

“My LVI education has allowed me to offer procedures I would never have learned otherwise and has allowed me to remain fee for service, maintain a low overhead, and be productive and profitable.   From bread and butter high quality restorative, to smile makeovers, to treating TMD, to treating OSA and much more…. I have been able to enjoy a profitable and rewarding career  by investing in myself and practice and taking as many LVI courses as I could.”

Dr. Mark Tompkins, Cornelius, NC

“To truly help someone is why I became a dentist, and to know I played a part in giving someone their quality of life back is so rewarding.  I also know this type of result could have been possible without my LVI education and meticulously following all of LVI’s protocols.”

Dr. Deric Ikuta, Fresno, CA

“My LVI education has been life changing for so many of my patients, but also for me as well.  2020 was a hard year for all with closures, evolving guidelines, and so much more….However, my LVI clinical and business management education allowed us to actually have our best year ever.” 

Dr. Randi Green,   Springfield, MO

“Practicing physiologic based dentistry has allowed me to free myself from the insurance shackles.  Delta dental was discounting my fees 40% across the board.  I am now earning 100% of my fee being completely out of network with dental insurance companies.”

Dr. Tracey  Hughes, Boulder, CO

“The principles of physiologic based dentistry I learned at LVI are the foundation for everything I do in dentistry. Without this education, I wouldn’t have had the success in my career I’ve had, both financially and ability-wise.”

Dr. Joe Serra, Mt Pleasant, SC

“My LVI education has transformed my life into something that I am proud of and confident to share with others.  If it weren’t for LVI and Bill Dickerson, I don’t think I would still be in dentistry today.  My ROI is not only financial but is also emotionally, professionally, personally, and a real sense of accomplishment. My LVI education ROI is also the smiles, and tears, and kind words from my patients about how I changed their lives for the better.”

Dr. John Pawlowiz, Lyndora, PA

“PBD has been the single most important principle I have ever adopted for my career. It’s taken my practice to greater productivity, and given me a greater level of satisfaction than I could ever have envisioned or achieved with my previous training. It took me from providing insurance influenced dentistry to completely changing the lives of patients that had nowhere else to turn.”

Dr. Jim Olsen, Ann Arbor, MI

“I started going to LVI courses in 2008 and haven’t looked back.  The sheer amount of relevant material packed into each course makes the money and time well worth it.”  

Dr. Jennifer Chace, Melbourne, FL