Why is Nasal Breathing Important?
Snottty Nosed Kids, You Think They Look Bad Now-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Winter 2016-2017
Take 5 and Breathe-Patrick McKeown, Spring 2016

The Importance of Nitric Oxide
Nitric Oxide & Mouth Breathing-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2017
Shut Your Mouth, The Importance of Lip Taping-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2017
The Oxygen Advantage, Addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns for sleep disordered breathing and dentofacial development-Patrick McKeown

A Charity Without Acknowledgement-TZEDAKAH– Dr. Omer Reed, Spring 2016
Connor’s Story-Dr. Teresa Isbell, Spring 2016
Restoring More Than Just a Smile-Dr. Mark Birnbach, Spring 2016
Money is the root of all charity-Dr. Michael Bufo, Spring 2016
New Life, New Smile-Dr. Randi Green, Spring 2016
Veterans Day Blessings-Dr. Jess Legg, Spring 2016
Forever Young- 85 Year Old Gets a Life Changing Smile Makeover-Dr. Raul I. Garcia, Spring 2016
Conservative Reattachmnet of a Pulpally Exposed Fractured Incisor- 20 Years Later-Dr. Bill Dickerson, Spring 2015
Direct Bonded Composite Resin”Veneers” As A Conservative Option For Aesthetic Treatment-Dr. Fred Calavassy, Spring 2014

Physiologic Ortho
The Big Three And Me-Dr. Timothy Gross, Spring 2017
If it is being done it it probably possible-Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, Spring 2017
Get Grounded: How to Breeze Through Ortho Cases-Dr. Timothy Gross, Spring 2016
What me…Move Teeth? But I’a a General Dentist-Dr. Timothy Gross, Fall 2015
The Cornerstone to a Healthy & Beautiful Face-Dr. S. David Buck, Spring 2015
Orthodontics-Coventional Versus Neuromuscular-Dr. S. David Buck, Fall 2014

Physiologic Dentures
Making Dentures Is Exciting-Dr. Michael Reece, Fall 2015
Mouth-Body Connection-Health or Heroics-Dr. Michael Reece, Spring 2015
Removable Restorative Options In The 21st Century--Dr. Michael Reece, Fall 2014

Practice Management
Fraud and Embezzlement in the Dental Office- Part 2-Dr. Hamada Makarita, Spring 2017
Buying an LVI Practice-Dr. Paul Peterson, Spring 2017
Fraud and Embezzlement in the Dental Office, You are not Immune Part 1-Dr. Hamada Makarita, Winter 2016-2017
Dentistry is a Marathon-Matt Jones, Winter 2016-2017
OSHA/CDC Corner, Managing exposure incidents-Nan Dreves, Winter 2016-2017
Thinking about retirement?– Dr. Dan Jenkins, Winter 2016-2017
How you can own the internet– Darren Seigel, Fall 2016
Self Communication:Am I Talking To Myself?-Sherry Blair, Fall 2016
COMMUNICATION is the foundation of success-Ashley Johnson, Fall 2016
Is it time to make a move?-Dr. Kent Johnson, Spring 2016
Are You Falling Victim To Discount Deprivation?-Sherry Blair, Spring 2016
BeYourOwnBrand-Drew Matthews, Winter 2016
Don’t Be A Waldo-Dr. Drew Markham, Fall 2014
From Mediocre to Magnificent One Step at a Time-Dr. Chong Lee, Spring 2014
HR IQ- Difficult Employee? No Problem-Michelle Allen and Tim Twigg, Spring 2014

Make it more than a cleaning-Sherry Blair, Spring 2017
My First Day- Negative Effects of Poor Team Training-Sherry Blair, Fall 2015
Patient Centered Recipe-Sherry Blair, Fall 2014
Having One Team Member Not On Board Can Sink the Entire Ship-Dr. James Harding, Spring 2014

Physiologic Hygiene
TheBodyIsTheMessage– Jill Taylor, Fall 2016

Orofacial Myofuntional Disorders (OMD) and Myofunctional Therapy (MT)
The Importance of Myofunctional Therapy and the Hygienist’s Role-Jill Taylor, Spring 2017
Terror in the night- How I stopped my baby’s night terrors-Dr. Nancy Gill, Winter 2016-2017
Treating Myofunctional Disorders to Enhance Occlusal Stability-Joy L. Moeller, Fall 2015

Growth and Development


Iron DDS-Dr. James McCreight, Spring 2015
How Happy Are You As A Dentist?-Dr. William Dickerson, Fall 2014
Embracing Your Destiny-Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, Spring 2014

Obstructive Sleep Apnea  and Sleep Breathing Disorders
The ProSomnus Micro02 Sleep & Snore Device-Dr. John Pawlowicz, Spring 2017
The Physiologic Sleep Bite and the Micr02 Sleep Device- A Winning Combination-Dr. David “Trey” Carlton
Take a Bite out of OSA, The Effectiveness of the Physiologic Approach & the Micr02 in Treating OSA-Dr. William Dickerson, Winter 2016
Breakthrough Non Surgical Laser Sleep Applications in Dentistry-Dr. Harvey S. Shiffman, Winter 2016
Treating OSA – The Right Way Physiologically-Dr. Sahag Mahseredjian, Fall 2015
TMD & OSA Relationship-Dr. John Pawlowicz, Spring, 2015
Russian Roulette & Sleep Apnea-Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, Fall 2014
New Mandibular Advancement Device for Treating OSA-Dr. William Dickerson, Fall 2014

Physiologic Bite Changing
George Gauge vs The Physiologic Bit in Treating SBD-Dr. William Dickerson, Winter 2016

Physiologic Based Dentistry
Marketing Physiologic Dentistry-Dr. William Dickerson, Spring 2017
Born Beautiful-It is never too late-Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, Winter 2016-2017
Aesthetics, Occlusion & Comprehensive Dentistry Simplified- How to Score a Triple Play with your Aesthetic Dentistry-Dr. Chong Lee and Nancy J. Lieberman, Winter 2016

Why Patients Do Not Select the Optimal Treatment Plan-Dr. Leo Malin, Spring 2015
Your Perception Is Your Reality-Dr. Leo Malin, Fall 2014
Implants Made Easy-Dr. Leo Malin, Spring 2014

Editor’s Note
Editors’s Note-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Fall 2016
Editor’s Note- Traits of people who make a difference-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2016
Editor’s Note-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Winter 2016
Editor’s Note-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Fall 2015
Editor’s Note- The Happiest Job in the World-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2015
Editor’s Note-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Fall 2014
Editor’s Note-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2014

Health and Wellness
Environmental Toxins & Their Relationship to Skin Cancer-Dr. Joseph T. Hickey, Winter 2016-2017
The History of Mercury Toxicity in Humans including the History of the Study of Mercury Amalgams-Dr. Joseph T. Hickey, Winter 2016
Placebo Effect-The Power of Belief-Dr. Keith R. Holden, Fall 2015
Can Your Dog Keep You Healthy?-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, Spring 2015
5 Components to Boost Bone Health-Jill Taylor, Spring 2015
What Your Health History Isn’t Telling You-Dr. Mark Duncan, Spring 2015
Dentistry & YOGA- Tools for Health-Dr. Lori Kemmet, Spring 2015
Essence of Health-Dr. Heidi Dickerson and Jill Taylor, Fall 2014
Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Trauma-Dr. David Miller, Fall 2014

The LVI Journey
The LVI 20 Year Journey-Dr. Bill Dickerson, Spring 2015

International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics
Why The IAPA?-Dr. William Dickerson, Winter 2016-2017
Why the IACA?-Dr. William Dickerson, Spring 2014
History of the IACA-Dr. Joseph Barton, Spring 2014
Why Continuing Education?-Dr. Randy Jones, Spring 2014
IACA- Defense of Freedom to Practice-Dr. Dan Jenkins, Spring 2014
The IACA Revolution-Dr. Mark Duncan, Spring 2014

Dental Technology and Products
Patient Communicating with confidence by inexpensively measuring EMGs-Dr. William Dickerson, Fall 2016
There’s an app for that-Dr. Cody Friddle, Fall 2016
Take the stress out of healing-Jim Poole, Spring 2016
The Light Bulb Moment-Dr. Daniel Davidian, Spring 2016
Cone Beam Imaging and Condyles From Rorschach Tests to Reality– Dr. Dale A. Miles, Winter 2016
Revolutionizing Practice Efficiency & Patient Experience Through Utilizing Buffered Anesthetics-Dr. John Krasowski, Winter 2016
How The Mid Brain Hijacks Dental Procedures-Jim Poole, Fall 2014
Framing The Smile Utilizing Botox-Dr. John Krasowski, Fall 2014

Dental Photography
Patient Education & Treatment Presentation Using Dental Photography-Dr. Hamada Makarita, Fall 2016

Dental Periodontal Disease
Genetics, Periodontal Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes-What Do They Have in Common?-Jill Taylor, Fall 2015