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There is only one person that stands in the way of you having the best year ever… and that’s you. It’s only you that can derail your goals by giving up or worse, not even trying. It’s only you that can keep your attitude positive. It’s only you that can “commit” to being the best you can be!

Make a commitment that you will take control of your life and commit to being the best you can possibly be. Don’t let the paradigms get in the way of your dreams and goals! Life is way too short to miss out on enjoying the journey so make sure you have fun while chasing your dreams!

Make a difference. Make the world a better place because you were here. Mean something. Change the life of a person; be the best dentist possible for your patients. As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Commit to that and happiness is yours. Be happy that you have made a difference in this world. Live with that passion filled purpose, which is all that really matters.

Love and Gratitude,


Bill Dickerson, DDS, FAACD, LVIM
Founder and CEO of LVI




The Fundamental Philosophy at LVI is the patient deserves the opportunity to be fully informed. This includes an understanding of the health of their teeth and gums, however at LVI we also incorporate a scientific approach to evaluating the supporting soft tissues and muscles. It has been shown that 90% of pain in the body is muscular in origin, and by starting with an appreciation of the muscles, the LVI alumni is addressing issues that generally aren’t even on the dentist’s radar. This philosophy has led LVI to be a leader in the field in understanding the importance of airway and the dentists role in managing OSA. It is this appreciation for the patients physiologic health that separates LVI from all other dental institutes.

Your LVI journey would start with a three day program that will equip you to diagnose and manage the patients in your practice already. Statistically almost half have bite symptoms of some sort they are already dealing with. After the initial three day program, Core I: Foundations in Restoring Complex Cases, the dentist is adequately trained to recognize and properly diagnose the suboptimal bite as well as to offer a treatment option focusing on removable appliances to support a more optimal bite. Obviously no one can teach full mouth rehabilitation in a three day program. Our continuum is designed to build the foundation for you to be able to integrate restorative, orthodontic and coronoplasty as a predictable option in your practice.



“LVI has accomplished the merging of proven successful NM techniques with the treatment of OSA. LVI again leads the way.”

Dr. Joe Quartuccio

“I walked away with an appreciation for the overlap between NM pathologies and sleep pathologies and I feel confident about treating both kinds of patients using new approaches.”

Dr. Barry Turner

“LVI really opened my eyes to how comprehensive NM dentistry can be concerning the head and neck area, the area we are responsible for as dentists.”

Dr. Bryan Soto


Would you like to improve your patients’ lives by treating chronic pain or protecting their airway and sleep? Would you like to be seen as the expert in your town? Would you like to be able to implement systems with your team to make your office run smoothly?


Empower your team to become leaders and inspire your patients to accept more complete care? Be successful financially, personally, and professionally knowing you are delivering the absolute best dentistry has to offer?


The LVI dentist sees the complete picture of the health of the system, including the teeth, bones, muscles and joints. LVI had brought the importance of physiology to life with logical and scientific information about how we as dentists can provide care we never thought possible. With the training provided, you will be able to provide care you may never have imagined possible and become a complete mouth doctor. LVI implements the physiologic approach in all major courses providing comprehensive care for your patients.

The dentist can only diagnose what they can see. Dental schools train us to basically look at teeth and gums, and here you will learn to be a mouth doctor treating the whole patient. At LVI, dentists learn treatment for complex cases ranging from coronoplasty, to orthotic therapy, to orthodontics, to full-mouth rehabilitation, to treating OSA and the effect the bite has on the rest of the body.

“With each subsequent course, I have received additional tools that assist me in improving the quality of life of my patients.”

Dr. David Smith

“Simply put, LVI has changed me from a tooth technician into a doctor of the mouth. I now treatment plan patients differently than I ever imagined.”

Dr. Brian Klaich

“I was skeptical coming to LVI, but I am so glad I did! I learned more in three days than a year in dental school.”

Dr. Forough Akrami

lvi_6From your First Steps at LVI, you will be encouraged to treat the teeth as if they were your own. It is an advantage to preserve as much tooth structure as possible, and fortunately adhesive dentistry does exactly that. The reality is the dentists who have learned the material in the Core programs will prepare less tooth structure away because they have the knowledge and under standing to select the most conservative approach accomplishing the patients goals.

While we are generally used to seeing worn down stubby little teeth (and it may even appear normal), the connection of occlusion and aesthetics is LVI’s primary claim to fame. No one does it better using scientific, evidence based principles. This balance naturally occurs and should be the foundation of an aesthetic smile and face. This revolutionary marriage and understanding of functional physiology allows long lasting, predictable and stable restorations with amazingly beautiful results. LVI explains the scientific principles around determining tooth proportions.

“My personal journey at LVI taught me the best cutting edge techniques in dentistry and also taught me to love what I do.“

Dr. Conchi M. Sanchez-Garcia

“I listened to Pankey, I listened to Dawson but I heard LVI. I am so thankful that I found LVI, I am a better dentist now for doing so. A million thanks!”

Dr. Mary Day

“Being right out of dental school and this being my first course with LVI, it was an absolute eye opener. Great for both new and old dentists!”

Dr. Neena Patel

LVI CONTINUALLY INVESTIGATES the most advanced technologies, materials, and protocols in dentistry. Along the way LVI dentists learn how to utilize lasers, virtual impression technology, digital occlusal scanning systems, cone beam technology, computerized diagnostic equipment and can make choices about when and where it fits into their practice. LVI has long been involved in product and material development working with leading manufacturers in dentistry. This provides the LVI dentist with the opportunity to use the most predictable materials and protocols. As an LVI attendee, you have the opportunity to use these technologies and materials and can take back those that make most sense for your practice.


“The ever evolving and adapting attitude at LVI is commendable. Never standing still, always keeping on top of current and future trends.“

Dr. Terry Yacovitch

“LVI provides up to the minute, state of the art (and science) information that allows me to provide my guests a quality of care and life that is not available anywhere else.“

Dr. Mark J. Birnbach

”Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined having access to such advancements in treating TMD patients and providing them hope and support.”

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari

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For over 20 years, LVI has been unparalleled in the world of advanced CE. With over 10,000 alumni, 97.2% of them say they love being dentists and 92% of those giving LVI credit for that feeling. The family feeling of gratitude for LVI has created a network of worldwide dentists (48 different countries) that want to help each other succeed. That may be the greatest legacy of LVI. LVI doctors are able to impact their patient’s lives and their own in such dramatic ways. They commonly receive tear filled hugs as a thank you from their patients and they cannot help but be enthusiastic about their profession again!

“The instructors and staff at LVI are all so full of energy and enthusiastic, willing to share and there is so much synergy between all the participants.“

Dr. Chew Yanxu

“Absolutely fantastic week! LVI makes complex dentistry absolutely do-able and it’s so gratifying to experience our patients transformation and excitement.”

Dr. Liz Hanna

“You guys are my family! All the dentists I have as friends are those that I have met at LVI. The camaraderie at LVI is truly awesome. I am proud to be a part of LVI.”

Dr. Irfaan Salyani

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The LVI practice management systems are designed to enable you to design the practice of your dreams. If your goal is to become a fee for service practice then it is only a matter of organizing the systems to create that. Along with the clinical courses for the doctor, the team programs emphasize communication and business principles that allow your team to take home the keys to drive the practice toward success. In any practice attempting to become successful, the dedication of each of the team members will define the level of success the business enjoys. In the end, the success is simply a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the entire team.

“This LVI course made a team out of my employees. Everyone is excited and invigorated. Can’t wait to get back to the office to implement our office goals.”

Brenda Bailey

“LVI is a wonderful learning environment. Every team member benefits from these courses. It gives you a “spark” and makes going home to the office very exciting!”

Krista Hixson

“I strongly suggest more dentists include their teams for these courses. After 23 years in their field, this has been one of the best courses all around that I’ve been involved in.”

Alison Brantley



SKILLS “Attending LVI has not only tremendously improved my dental, clinical, and practice management skills, but it has made me a more well rounded person, a better wife, a better mother, and a better employer. I would strongly recommend LVI to anyone wanting to improve all aspects of their professional and personal lives.”
Dr. Kathleen Carson, Agoura Hills, California
MOTIVATION “I have always taken my job as a dentist seriously and tried to keep up to date professionally. Philosophically, I have always tried to do the right things for the right reasons and after CORE I, I realized that I could be looking after my patients a lot better. For me guilt is a major motivator. LVI has raised the bar on “keeping up to date” and knowing what I know now, I would feel uncomfortable in not continuing with the learning offered at LVI.”
Dr. Neil Cheeesman, Deakin, Australia
TRAINING “I have been to several cosmetic courses and I have heard several different philosophies. Now I feel like I have a home for continuing education. LVI has made me a better dentist! With time and completion of course work, specialists are referring to my practice for cosmetics. LVI training has helped to bulletproof my practice while other dentists are struggling with the economy.”
Dr. Ben Sutter, Eugene, Oregon
LIFE CHANGING “LVI is life changing- in my personal and professional life. I am so glad I made the choice to further my education at LVI and it has been worth every dollar I’ve spent! I can’t wait to come back again.”
Dr. Valle Rischer, Columbia, Missouri
PASSION “LVI has made a massive change to my practice and life. Every time I come here, I not only learn more but also leave even more passionate about dentistry and life. Both myself and most importantly my patients benefit from my LVI experience.”
Dr. Steven Cload, Calgary, Alberta
FRIENDSHIP “Before coming to LVI, I used to say I didn’t have any friends who were dentists, because most dentists I knew were fairly closed minded. Since coming to LVI, I have AMAZING dentist friends all over the world. Plus an education that has completely changed how I practice dentistry. Huge win/win.”
Dr. Andrea Stevens, Kanata, Ontario
ENTHUSIASM “As a dentist that started his LVI journey late in his career, LVI has renewed my enthusiasm for dentistry and how it can positively benefit both my patients and myself. Thanks to LVI, as long as my health and enthusiasm remains strong, I have no desire to retire anytime in the near future.”
Dr. David Kiger, Lynchburg, Virginia
KNOWLEDGE “LVI continually satisfies my quest for knowledge. I never expected to treat patients with TMD. All courses I went to outside of LVI made it seem like an art for a select few. Now I am successfully treating TMD patients who were unsuccessful elsewhere. I enjoy the continuous challenges in my practice and always have. I admit I do not always get excited when going to a continuing ed class, but I always am jazzed to come to LVI.”
Dr. Alan Montrose, Beaverton, Oregon
INFLUENCE “LVI has not only changed the way I practice, but has also had an immense influence on my personal life. I can now help my patients in ways that affect their overall health and truly change their lives. I have attended most of the major advanced dental continuing education institutues and LVI is by far THE BEST!”
Dr. Russell Rainey, Tallahassee, Florida
GRATIFICATION “LVI has taught me a way of practicing that makes it enjoyable to go to work again, really it isn’t work anymore. I have fun with my team and my patients and success has followed. Yes, I collected over one million dollars last year, but the fact that it was possible working fewer days, having much more fun treating people to a much higher standard is what’s the most gratifying to me. I can’t think of a better way to earn a living than being an LVI dentist.”
Dr. Yuro Ihns, Castlegar, British Columbia
INTEGRITY “Thanks to LVI, at 57 years old, the last thing I would do is retire. Dentistry is too much fun. Thanks to LVI, I feel there is good and integrity in dentistry and dentists that I never thought existed. Thanks to LVI, I have a life and career I thought I could never have.”
Dr. Guy A. Spinner, Westhampton Beach, New York
LIFE-LONG LEARNING “As many of my classmates are looking to winding down there practice they look at me with questioning expressions when I enthusiastically tell them that I am now having more fun than I ever had and looking forward to many more years of practice! As I start my 30th year in dentistry I look forward to completing the Core Curriculum and continuing to be a life-long learner!”
Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko, Edmonton, Alberta

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“Before my LVI journey I dreaded Monday mornings and while at work, I often thought of myself as a robot with a drill in my hand, doing the same thing day in and day out. LVI opened my eyes to how truly wonderful dentistry can be and what we are capable of doing for our patients.”

Dr. F. Michael Firouzian, Columbus, Ohio





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