The Marketing Workshop Submersion Course

Course Type: Elective Courses

Our marketing courses are bursting with valuable insights, examples, and recommendations. But time and format constraints limit how much we can present. Dentists with serious practice growth goals need a more robust program. Our “SUBMERSION COURSE” was designed to support and empower these dentists. Attendees participate in a strategically-designed sequence of instruction, ideation, micro retreats, collaboration, and research excursions. This guided plunge into the marketing depths will focus the attendee, and unlock the creativity and inspiration they need to craft, and then execute a successful marketing plan.


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Tuition: $2,495 Length of Course: 2 days
Team Tuition: $995 CE Credits: 16
AGD Codes: 550  

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Profit from personalized attention and input
  • Utilize actionable insights from market exploration activities
  • Complete your plan and leave prepared to bring in the patients you want

Course Date:

  • October 22-23, 2024
About Rusty Curtis

Rusty Curtis is the CEO of DentalCMO and author of The Book on Dental Marketing. Rusty has over 30 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience. It all started when he was seven years old. He would craft different paper airplane models and sell them at recess to his schoolmates. His various enterprises continued throughout middle school, high school, and college, where he graduated from one of the top advertising programs in the country — Brigham Young University. Rusty worked and consulted in several fields, ultimately choosing to launch DentalCMO in 2011 to focus exclusively on the dental industry. (By this point he had determined that dentists were his favorite professionals to work with.) Since then, Rusty and his team have helped dental practices around the globe produce hundreds of millions in revenue.

Rusty is a consummate strategist — as well as a gifted speaker and educator. He possesses a rare knack for anticipating market dynamics and building creative solutions to achieve desired outcomes. In fact, the late Steven Covey once called Rusty a “quintessential initiator.”

Rusty, his wonderful wife, and their bright and energetic kids enjoy living in the rugged beauty of the Utah Mountains. One of his greatest aspirations is to be like Santa Clause when he grows up.