Patient Testimonials

“I cannot believe where I am today…Pain Free! I started having my symptoms of TMD about 13 years ago. It started with numb hands and arms that felt like they were in a vice clamp during my sleep but eventually progressed to any time of the day. At first, I would go to the chiropractor and get relief. I was told it was a neck problem, which sounded right. This was truly a long progression that developed into SEVERE muscle spasms mainly around my shoulder blades and neck, but I would have spasms all over my upper torso. Not the typical TMJ/TMD symptoms one heard of.

This problem progressed over such a long period of time being misdiagnosed, I can look back and see that I am one tough lady to continue with my very physical job and deal with the amount of pain I was in. The last year before I found out what was wrong, I cried a lot. It was part of my life that crept up to the point that I would think of suicide. Once I started feeling better I have not thought that way again, period. The ones who love me, thank God, were patient because I was hard to be around. Very angry, hurting, and sad yet the real me was still there and I knew that wasn’t who I really was.

In the last three years of severe pain I went for help to different chiropractors, cranial sacral therapists, and energy healers one or two times a week. I paid a lot of money and no one put it together. My problem finally progressed to where I was losing the strength in my left arm. It was very scary, I knew it would atrophy if I continue this path and I am the only source of income. I decided to do some searching on the internet. Using my numb hands and arms, I typed and on the first search came Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies’ website. It listed numb hands and arms as a symptom of TMD. When I saw that – I knew immediately that this really may be it. My jaw has always been wacky even my dentist AT THE TIME saw when I opened my mouth how dramatic my lower jaw went every which way, he said WOW – and never informed me of the seriousness. I knew I needed real help to get me through.

Using the LVI website I found the closest doctor in Idaho. I traveled about three hours each way to see him for probably five visits. He made an orthotic for me and got my jaw in a comfortable position, the spasms substantially subsided. He decided it was time for me to go into orthodontics. The closest Neuromuscular Orthodontist to me was in Calgary, Alberta, a five hour drive each way and worth every effort made to get to him.

My life has now taken a total permanent turn-around, thanks to my LVI-trained doctor. I am now out of orthodontics and I feel this happiness inside that I never thought I would feel. I am also so grateful to the Las Vegas Institute because in my mind, the doctors who finalized my bite and LVI saved my life, or at the very least enhanced the overall QUALITY of my life. I will forever be grateful.”

Monica P – Montana

“After suffering in pain for nearly two decades (and grinding away my once beautiful teeth), the brilliant Dr. Jon and his awesome staff literally saved my life — my QUALITY of life, anyway! I had become accustomed to living with the daily pain and discomfort that my nightly grinding was causing and resigned myself to just accepting that I would always have to deal with it. It affected my moods, sleep, everything. The daily headaches, jaw aches, ear issues, sore neck, back aches, insomnia, etc., were unbearable. I almost lost hope. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Jon. I just planned on seeing him for a routine check-up. I was pleasantly surprised when he not only diagnosed my problem correctly, but also told me that he had the solution for it! I have been wearing my custom-made orthotic appliance for a few weeks now. I noticed the relief after just only a few days of wearing it. I almost couldn’t believe the difference! It seemed too good to be true — but it IS true! It’s already greatly reduced my pain and I am confident that soon all of my symptoms will be completely eliminated. I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Jon and his fabulous team. Not only are they absolutely wonderful to be around, their professionalism is boundless…….THANK YOU SO MUCH! TMD sufferers: do not wait another minute! See an LVI doctor and start to feel like yourself again!”

Christie A.

“I just wanted to say thank you to LVI for offering training for neuromuscular dentistry. I suffered horribly from TMJ until I saw an LVI-trained dentist in Palm Desert, California. The doctor and his team received training at LVI. I’ve had my splint less than one week and already feel like I have my life back. I’m almost completely free from pain. I don’t ever remember feeling this great!!!”

Kim, Palm Desert, CA

“I wanted to write you to really thank you and your team for making my whole smile makeover experience the best ever. As you know, I came recommended for a simple cleaning and exam. What I wasn’t expecting was a state of the art dental experience that your entire office provided. From the first front desk greeting to my last goodbye hug today, I have never felt so welcomed and comforted by any office i’ve been in. I know I’ve said thank you to your office before, but truly you have a customer for life. The job your office did went way beyond normal hello’s, pleases and thank you for your business… it was fun, exciting, uplifting, warm, inviting, painless and easily worth 5x’s the price I paid. The amazing part is that largest impact you had on me was my self esteem and for that, you didn’t charge me a penny.

Please be sure and share my letter with your team and customers and express to them that I cannot put into words how much my “Smile Makeover” meant to me. My smile and heart will never be the same again, as you and your office touched them both. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Take care, BIG smiles and God Bless.”


Following is an account of how one patient’s pain and agony was alleviated after visiting an LVI-trained dentist.

“Within six months, I had undergone a total of six root canals (including re-treatments) on three teeth. My physician admitted me to the hospital with nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. While in the hospital, I spoke with a psychiatrist. He felt that I suffered from depression and anxiety caused by severe pain. I was released from the hospital with prescriptions.

I was in constant pain. When I went to bed at night I dreaded getting up in the morning. I felt helpless and hopeless. Not only did the teeth that had been treated with root canals continue to hurt, so did the extraction site of the tooth I had removed. Other teeth in my mouth also started to cause pain.

Scott (my husband) took me to see an LVI-trained dentist. After my initial consultation, he believed that the pain I was experiencing was due to clenching my teeth. I was skeptical. I didn’t see how clenching my teeth could cause so much pain.

The next day the doctor began a process of “TENSing” and making appliances to keep me from clenching and grinding my teeth. I began to feel better. The pain was no longer constant but more intermittent. I seemed to have more good days than bad.

For so long, I had dreaded the holidays. I felt that being in pain and trying to get ready for Christmas would be overwhelming and stressful. I hated the thought of my family being disappointed and unhappy because of my situation. Much to my surprise, by mid December I was feeling so much better. Our Christmas holidays were wonderful. We enjoyed family activities that I never thought would have been possible. Instead of feeling hopeless, I now feel hopeful.”

Lisa Davis

Lisa’s story through her husband, Scott’s eyes.

“It was so painful for me to watch my wife slowly disintegrate physically, mentally and emotionally. She went through six root canals in less than six months. She lost over twenty-five pounds, and had numerous sleepless nights. She had to be admitted to the hospital because we thought she had an unknown medical condition.

Lisa had withdrawn from her daily life. Our children were so worried about their mother. She was unable to do anything with them because of her constant pain. Lisa was a broken spirit.

The one thing that frustrated me the most was that no one seemed to want to treat the problems she was having. It seemed to be more root canals and pain medication.

I was so lucky to have met an LVI-trained dentist. He listened to my concerns and was willing to try a different approach. Five other doctors and no one ever looked at her jaw and her bite. In a matter of a few weeks, I knew my wife was getting back to herself. The LVI-trained dentist not only helped Lisa, he helped my whole family. My daughters and I are so happy to have her back.”

Scott Davis