Alumni Advantages


A LVI alumnus is one who has successfully completed at least one LVI course. As an alumnus, the LVI journey is an ongoing educational experience in the quest to discover and rediscover what you do not know.

With this in mind, LVI provides every alumnus the opportunity to travel the journey with ease.

  • Alumni can bundle multiple courses across different categories for a customized continuum and receive multi-course discounts.
  • LVI offers tuition financing to aid in the budgeting and planning of continuing dental education.
  • LVI Visions is a publication of LVI that covers a wide variety of current professional topics in the dental field.
  • Alumni are encouraged to remain current with the latest technique, technology and material by auditing courses. Most courses can be audited at discounted tuition rates.
  • Alumni can contribute to the advancement of Dentistry through the knowledge gained at LVI and by encouraging colleagues to begin their LVI journey. The significant number of referrals from LVI Alumni is a testament to the quality of education and training offered by LVI.