LVI Mastership

LVIM Aesthetic Dentistry Course – Mastership of Aesthetics and TMD Dentistry


The LVIM distinction is awarded to those who have completed LVI Fellow qualifications and demonstrated proficiency following the acceptance of three clinical cases that are evaluated by a committee appointed by LVI. Successful LVIM’s demonstrate a true understanding of comprehensive aesthetics and functional dentistry.

The intent of the LVIM is to reward and encourage the development of clinical enterprise and continued learning in the realm of Aesthetic Functional Reconstruction. LVI Mastership is designed to create and provide a learning and validation process where the applicant can determine if he or she has an adequate understanding of the restorative and occlusal concepts taught at LVI.

The objective of the LVIM is to recognize those individuals who can provide a high level of comprehensive aesthetic functional diagnosis and treatment. It also recognizes their efforts to promote the advancement of comprehensive dentistry. As the number of LVI Fellows treating musculoskeletal dysfunction of the head and neck increases, LVI has recognized the need to implement an accreditation process to assess competency, ensure continuing education knowledge, and maintain a high standard of care among those treating their patients with comprehensive dentistry principles.

The LVI Accreditation Program allows you to have a Mastership of Aesthetics and TMD Dentistry distinction among your colleagues. LVI Masters are eligible to utilize the LVI Mastership logo.