Course Catalog

The LVI Course Catalog encompasses over 35 courses across a number of dental disciplines.  To register for a course, find the program below and follow the link to the individual course page or call an LVI Concierge at 1-888-584-3237

Core Continuum


LVI has developed a Core Curriculum consisting of seven courses that serve as the roadmap for success on the path to becoming a Full Mouth Doctor. This Core Curriculum consists of:

Practical Advanced TMD Practice


You’ve completed the Core Programs. You should now be able to diagnose and treat TMD cases. But there is so much more. How much of the basics have you forgotten? Are you jumping to conclusions with difficult cases, looking for the rare reason rather than understanding the fundamentals of TMD treatment first? This course is designed to fine tune your fundamental mandibular positioning skills and increase your diagnostic and treatment ability while also improving your own health and wellbeing.  


Sleep Continuum


Hundreds of millions of people of all ages around the world suffer from deadly obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has been linked to Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebrovascular Insult, Endocrine Disorders and Obesity. Our medical colleagues are asking for our help, NOW! OSA is considered a disease of craniofacial anatomy so the ONUS is on dentists to identify and help manage OSA sufferers.

Are you prepared to start SAVING LIVES?

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD) and Myofunctional Therapy


When the tongue is not acting properly during speech, swallow, or at rest…it can cause all sorts of problems from newborns to adults. From issues with OSA, TMD, pain, restorative/ortho relapses, speech, sucking, posture, and swallowing…to name a few, the tongue plays a huge role. The muscles of the face, mouth, and throat must be in balance to work together in harmony.

This course is designed to enhance your Physiologic Based Practice by uncovering the secrets of the most powerful muscle we work with…THE TONGUE!


Endodontic root canal treatment process. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration.

Proper cleaning and shaping of the canal space are a prerequisite for achieving clinical success in endodontics. The main goal of this comprehensive hands-on course is to take the attendee through all the aspects needed to take the practice to the next level by utilizing a simple and efficient endodontic technique, presenting a new instrumentation system based on the safety of reciprocation allied to the efficiency of rotary movement. Furthermore, an easy-to-use and highly effective ultrasonic irrigation technique will be discussed to achieve high level of cleanness and disinfection. This course is designed to give the attendee practical skills that can be immediately incorporated into the office.

The main purpose is to show the dentist that one is capable of performing the majority of the day-to-day endodontics’ cases using new technologies embraced by endodontists with simplicity and achieve great results.



This course is designed to optimize your LVI journey by identifying missing links in your practice and enhancing the return on your LVI educational investment by boosting your practice’s hygiene efficiency.

The “mouth body” connection can take your practice to the next level, by presenting opportunities to streamline your hygiene department while integrating the ultimate in comprehensive patient care.

Team Courses


In order to take this back to the practice, there still remains one more hurdle. The productive practice is only created with optimizing the team and their performance and that is based on systems.

The clinical skills taught at LVI are delivered and practiced in both didactic and hands-on format, but in order to use them and make them routine in the practice it requires the team to not just understand, but to embrace the new protocols. Every dentist has returned charged up from a dental continuing education program and ready to make changes in the practice only to be met with lack-luster enthusiasm from the team. The issue is that it is impossible to deliver a few hours to a few days worth of material in a pow wow meeting the next morning back in the practice. In fact, as often as not, the team will roll their eyes and groan about the new protocol as soon as the dentist walks away! The key to changing the practice for the better and for good is to make sure the team is driving the charge!

The programs at LVI include a broad base of topics among the more than 40 different programs, but the one that creates the most success in the practices are always the Team programs. The LVI education is complete in that it offers sufficient quantity and quality to make change happen supported by the systems and communication skills to make it the new reality. The LVI education is a powerful experience and can catapult a practice to unheard of heights!

In-Office Consultants


It has often been said that the success of the practice is partly built on clinical skills, but mainly based on relationships. These are built through a series contact points with the patient and if those are poorly managed the patient has a poor experience as a result.  On the other hand, if they are well managed, the patient becomes a raving fan!

There is no limit to the success of a practice other than those created from within and fortunately these can be redesigned! The consultant team at LVI can start with a practice evaluation to highlight holes in the practice plan to accomplish your vision. Systems are taught that literally create a framework for success for the business of the practice. Hygiene can be molded into a profit center and computer technology can easily be incorporated into the practice.

The fastest route to success is along a path that the LVI consulting team has helped practices all over the world walk.  Take advantage of them to make your practice accomplish more than you dare to dream!

Orofacial Pain: Diagnosis and Management


Many painful conditions exist comorbidly with TMDs. Among these are trigger points and migraine mimics. TMDs are a subset of the larger field of orofacial pain. Many orofacial pains are confusing to diagnose and effectively treat.

Orofacial pains often have a site they refer pain to that are far from the source of the pain. Diagnostic anesthetic injections are an indispensable tool for differentiating the source of pain from the site of pain. Injections of local anesthetic and other medications are often the first line of treatment for these confusing pain conditions. Other neuropathic pains require neurosensory stents and medications to treat.

This course is designed to teach the most common non-TMD pain syndromes; how to diagnose and treat them to speed the recovery of your patients.

Laser Treatment

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Clinical/ Training Courses


Creating the Outstanding Physiologic Practice

Creating the Outstanding Physiologic Practice640x480

Knowing the clinical techniques of physiologic dentistry is not enough to be successful. You must be able to attract, present and close on physiologic cases to apply these techniques. This course is designed to give the participants the “soft skills” to get more patients to want the dentistry you know they need.