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This is a great time to take advantage of bringing your office and team up to speed through our LVI online courses. We are now offering a number of our courses as live webinars that you can take from your home or office. For more information or to register email or call 888.584.3237. 

Team Fundamentals  

January 28, 2022

Featuring: Joseph Dewees, Director of LVI Team Programs

CE Credit: 7

Prerequisites: None

Doctor: $649

Team: $349


This one-day course is for all team members in your practice, whether you are new to an established LVI practice, your Doctor is just starting their LVI journey, or if you are a regular at LVI and would like to get a review on Physiologic Based Dentistry. Our goal is to give you all the fundamental information to make sure the whole team has a better understanding of Physiologic Based Dentistry and how we are truly helping improve the lives of our patients.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Handle the New Patient Phone Call
  • Effectively communicate with patients by identifying their personality traits
  • Discuss what TMD is and how we treat it
  • Recognize Signs and Symptoms of TMD
  • Identify and implement your role as a team member in treating TMD patients
  • Discuss the relationship of Airway and TMD
  • Recognize how the face structure changes due to improper airway through growth and development
  • Take Hamular Notch Impression and Importance of HIP
  • Measure the patients Shimbashi and figure out Golden Vertical
  • Properly place the MicroTENS for TENSing
  • Discuss EMG’s and how to properly take an M-Scan
  • Discuss mounting models of a TAG bite on a Stratos


Advanced BioPAK Scan Interpretation  

May 6, 2022

Featuring: Dr. William G. Dickerson

CE Credit: 7.5

Doctor: $1250

Team: $595


This course is designed to teach the participants to evaluate every important scan, how to filter and determine legitimacy of the scan, and how to not only diagnose conditions from these findings but also how to present these findings to patients. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Take complete and accurate scans
  • Interpret the minutia details in these scans
  • Diagnose disorders and conditions from the scans
  • Present the data to patients in the best way


Head and Neck Anatomy and Evaluation (online and on campus)  

June 5-6, 2022

Featuring: Dr. William G. Dickerson

CE Credit: 19

Doctor: $2950

Team: $895


Everyone treating TMD patients should be having CBCT’s taken. This course is NOT just for those with a CBCT in their office. This course is designed to teach everyone to read and interpret CBCT’s whether they are done in the office or by a radiology center. It is considered by most to be the best head and neck anatomy course as well as you have to know the anatomy to know what normal is for diagnostic purposes. You will be presented with information to align the images, analyze the results and determine pathology. You will be shown normal anatomy so you can recognize abnormalities. Discover how to determine proper neck curvature, joint decompression and TMD related indicators. In this hands-on course you will work through a patient with a checklist to use on every scan you get or take in your office. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Interpret Cone Beams 
  • Recognize normal architecture
  • Recognize anomalies and where and when to refer


Advanced CBCT Analysis (online and on campus)  

June 7, 2022

Featuring: Dr. William G. Dickerson

CE Credit: 8

Doctor: $1475

Team: $450


There was so much information in the CBCT Interpretation course that it was hard to digest it all.  It’s why so many have taken the course several times. This course is for those people who want to be able to use the CBCT scans to their maximum potential and discern normal from abnormal.  Many would like to be able to diagnose conditions that may negate TMD tx as well as determine causes of TMD and where best to make the orthotic bite.  This one day course will explore advanced Romexis use like superimpose, panoramic mastery, tmj mastery, SCIG Line, 3D mastery and much more.   We will also go over diagnosing ear issues, carotid and cerebral sinus issues, cranial calcifications and their importance in differential diagnosis,  how to find the Eustachian tube, differential diagnosing between carotid calcification / tonsil stones / stylohyoid ligament calcifications / and thyrohyoid calcifications,  differential diagnosing between cavernous carotid vs interclinoid calcifications vs pituitary tumor, Trigeminal branch compression, cranial foramen lesions, hyoid angulation (how alignment is important), determine osteomeatal complex patency, and all advanced measurements.  Included will be all the new information acquired since you took the CBCT Interpretation Course and there is a lot.  For those of you wanting to be physicians of the mouth, this course is a must. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Utilize advanced procedures of CBCT evaluation
  • Discuss aberrations in anatomical structures
  • Utilize diagnostic skills in interpreting CBCT scan

 on Demand Webinars 



Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos

Prerequisites: None

Time: On Demand

Pricing: FREE

Proper cleaning and shaping of the canal space are prerequisite for achieving clinical success in Endodontics. The endodontic literature is replete with evidence of the earnest work of many investigators into the challenges of managing root canal infection and periapical disease. However, there is no optimal, standardized, universally accepted protocol for root canal irrigation/disinfection. In this course, Dr. Carlos Ramos will review, discuss, and identify requirements for clinically successful root canal irrigation/disinfection as well as ways to avoid the potentially adverse effects of some “contemporary” techniques. Join Dr. Ramos to discover how incorporating concepts proved by endodontics’ research and available for general practitioners that allow clinicians to successfully treat the vast majority of cases with predictable results.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Identify the role of irrigation in the root canal treatment outcomes
  • Compare results regarding manual and ultrasonic-based irrigation methods
  • Identify the different approaches of ultrasonic activation/irrigation
  • Determine a streamlined protocol for irrigation.




    Lunch & Learn 1 hr Webinar with Dr. Michael Bufo

    Date and Time: On Demand 

    Pricing: $99

    The lecture will review some basic tenets of smile design that can be influenced by recontouring and will review recontouring techniques that can be used to improve esthetic outcomes for both porcelain restorations and for natural teeth.

    The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

    • Discuss basic tenets of smile design
    • Discuss the armamentarium and techniques available for recontouring anterior restorations and natural teeth to improve esthetic outcomes
    • Discuss how to use optical illusions that make teeth appear narrower, wider or change their inclinations through recontouring

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    Infant Oral Tethers Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols

    Lunch & Learn 1 hr Webinar with Dr. Douglas Hanson

    Date and Time: On Demand

    Pricing: $99

    The rationale in a physiologic practice to consider implementing these diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms along with the specific protocols necessary to allow basic implementation. A brief and relevant summary of Lasers and basic physics as it applies to the correction of these oral tethers.

    The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of infant oral tethers
    • Implement diagnostic and treatment protocols relevant to infant oral tethers
    • Discuss relevant laser physics and adjust parameters to suit the desired outcome

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    Lunch & Learn 1 hr Webinar with Dr. Ryan Jouett

    Prerequisites: This course is best taken by those offices that already have an intraoral scanner and have used it for at least three months

    Pricing: $99

    In this course we will cover how to take your intraoral scanning to the next level, past just single unit crowns. We will cover Lab communication in a Digital Environment, Digital Dentures, and Digital Protocols for Tag Bites, Bite Transfers, Full Mouth Bite Management and Implants. We will also address the issues labs constantly see with digitally scanned cases and how to avoid them.

    The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

    • Discuss how your intraoral scanner works
    • Communicate effectively to your Lab in a Digital Environment
    • Perform a “Scanned Cocoon” of complete dentures
    • Scan Fixed Hybrids and bites
    • Scan and Digitally transfer TAG Bites
    • Scan and Digitally transfer Orthotic Bites
    • Manage Full Mouth Prep cases Digitally
    • Discuss scanning of implants with scan analogs
    • Prevent the most common issues before they get to the lab

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    The Importance of Physiologic Based Dentistry

    LVI Global Six Part Webinar Series-$99 for entire series or $49 per episode


    Don’t miss this webinar series on the Importance of Physiologic Based Dentistry. Physiologic Based science is a broad and all encompassing approach to finding the stable physiologic neutral zone. Historically occlusal theories focused on the hard tissue structures in the system but lacked comprehensive perspective to be able to create predictable outcomes. With the inclusion of the soft tissue analysis along with the hard tissue science, we can arrive at an objective and complete analysis of the entire system including musculature and bone and teeth to create a stable result from multiple perspectives, including posture of the head, neck, body, and jaws. In addition, the muscular balance will create better occlusal stability and long term restorative or orthodontic/orthopedic stability as well as enhanced esthetics for the patient. The continuing education offered at LVI is designed to improve the lives of patients and enhance professional satisfaction. 

    Total available AGD/ADA CE Credit for attending all six sessions: 6 Credits

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    The Power of physiologic based dentistry

    Featuring Dr. Bill Dickerson, Founder and CEO of LVI Globa

    What is Physiologic Based Dentistry and why is it important for your practice and your patients? This lecture is designed to teach attendees the importance of recognizing the compromised patients and what dentistry can do for them.




    Orthotic Therapy in Physiologic based dentistry

    Featuring Dr. Chong Lee, Faculty of LVI Global

    Test driving the physiologic bite with the properly created orthotic and how it can enhance your practice. This lecture is designed to teach attendees the power of a physiologic orthotic and symptoms that can be addressed that most of you are unaware of.





    Omd connection to tmd

    Featuring Dr. Heidi Dickerson, President of North American/Australian Operations of LVI Global

    Understanding of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders with the physiologic approach can help us as clinicians to redirect the growth and development in a patient. This lecture is designed to teach how from birth to adulthood that we can influence the patient’s pathway to optimum health and how we can reduce the incidence of OSA and TMD.





    Physiologic Ortho TX

    Featuring Dr. Timothy Gross, Faculty of LVI Global

    Open your eyes to the Physiologic principles of development and orthodontics and what it can do for your patients’ health. Experience the amazing impact of development guidance and Physiologic Orthodontics and how easy it is for general practitioners.




    The OSA Connection to TMD and why the physiologic approach

    Featuring Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, Faculty of LVI Global

    If they are not breathing right, they are not growing right and if they are not sleeping right, everything sucks. Discover the link between your TMD patients and sleep and why the Physiologic approach is essential to living a longer and healthier life.





    Implants and dentures in Physiologic Based Dentistry

    Featuring Dr. Michael Reece, Faculty of LVI Global

    The importance of incorporating physiologic principles when doing implants and dentures. Discover the principles behind Physiologic Based Implants and Dentures.




    Post Covid-19 Guide for returning to work

    Featuring Joe Dewees, CDA, Director of Team Programs
    Available On Demand

    Price: $149.99 per attendee

    This course is a guide for Doctors and their team with up to date information regarding reopening the practice during the current pandemic. We will review, update and enhance all of your existing office protocols on infection control, and give you the tools to communicate to your patients how we are going above and beyond to keep them safe! We will include ADA/CDC guidelines and PPE checklists and sources for where to get it all.

    The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

    • Discuss what COVID-19 is and the risks in your dental practice
    • Review and discuss Universal Precautions/Standard Precautions and what has changed
    • Discuss current PPE and what can be done to add extra protection
    • Discuss Masks – Types and how they protect you
    • More efficiently communicate with patients regarding safety practices
    • Check patients in and out keeping health and safety the number one priority
    • Schedule patients and Operatory placement for most effective infection control
    • Utilize product spread sheet given during course to quickly order necessary supplies

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    Mastering the BioPAK Training Series 

    Available anytime — (take Online from your home or practice)

    Price: $995

    Prerequisites: None but made for BioPAK owners so having access to BIoPAK software to follow along is helpful. 

    Featuring Dr. Bill Dickerson

    This educational series will provide you with all the information you will need to effectively use your BioPak.

    See Full course information

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