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Dr. Heidi S. Dickerson is a 1994 graduate of the University of Illinois, School of Dentistry. She began her dental career with a private, Physiologic Based, restorative practice in Philadelphia, PA. Because of her commitment to excellence and spending countless hours mastering aesthetic, restorative and Physiologic Dentistry, Dr. Heidi Dickerson was excited to teach others the optimal possibilities, to integrate into their practices!

From Physiologic Based Dentistry to Full Mouth Reconstruction, Dr. Dickerson teaches a hands-on approach to learning. She holds the prestigious LVIM (Mastership) title at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. As an international lecturer and corporate leader, she has shared the Physiologic Based Dentistry philosophy with dentists around the world. In 2010 and 2017, Dental Products Report named Dr. Dickerson one of the Top Women in Dentistry. 

As an executive administrator and President, she facilitates the operations of the Las Vegas campus and the Australian campus. Expressing her passion, Dr. Dickerson guides and encourages doctors and their teams through the LVI Curriculum. She is the Editor of the Visions Magazine and a featured writer. She is also the creator and producer of LVI TV, a bimonthly dental news source on YouTube. Her goal is to assist dentists in being the best that they can be… by becoming perpetual students of dentistry and life!


Like so many dentists, Dr. Dickerson was busy creating a practice based on the skills and knowledge he obtained in dental school, however he was increasingly frustrated and disenchanted by the traditional approach to dental care. Developing a “Patient Centered Practice” gave him his passion driven purpose. Propelled by this new excitement for dentistry, Bill started sharing his passion with other dentists and quickly became recognized as a respected opinion leader and highly sought after speaker as well as one of the most influential people in dentistry. He was instrumental as a pioneer in the aesthetic revolution as well as igniting the professions interest in Physiological Based Dentistry. His focus for the past two decades has been to create a better future for the profession.

Since 1994, Bill’s efforts have been channeled into creating the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI Global), providing an educational forum for advancing our profession, and developing many aesthetic and occlusal techniques that enhanced comprehensive restorative procedures.

Over nine thousand dentists from all over the world have attended LVI and over 10,000 of their patients have been treated there, as well as the thousands of others who have enhanced their practices by attending lectures of Bill’s or reading his several books. From Aesthetic dentistry to scientifically based occlusal approaches, Bill has encouraged, assisted and propelled dentists from over 43 nations to grow and excel.

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Mary Ann brings 30 years of in-depth expertise in management, operations, training, sales, marketing, and advertising in the field of dentistry to LVI  as the Director of the Team Training Programs and an In-Office Consultant.

Her career began and her passion for dentistry was ignited when she first walked into a dental practice over 30 years ago. She became a dental Office Manager, where she played a key role in growing revenues to over $1 million. From there she entered the world of dental sales and training while working for a dental software company. While traveling throughout the U.S., she was instrumental in helping bring technology into dental practices at a time when computers were new in our field. She was also a Concierge and dentist liaison at LVI for two years.

With the demand for her talent and expertise growing exponentially, Mary Ann created Peña Dental Consultants in 2000. For over 18 years, she was instrumental in helping dental offices around the country streamline processes to improve efficiency, define and incorporate best practices to retain employees and elevate patient satisfaction, and ultimately to boost revenue and profits. Before rejoining the LVI team in 2019, she was a successful Sales and Advertising Executive for one of Texas’ leading health and lifestyle magazines in Houston.



Drs. Garcia are graduates of University of Florida College of Dentistry ‘95. They have maintained a private practice for 24 years in Miami. Raul and Conchi have been coming to LVI since 2007. They have been Instructors since 2016. They have developed a General practice with a Physiologic Based Dentistry as its cornerstone.


Jill Taylor graduated from the Community College of Southern Nevada in 1987 with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. She later received her Bachelors of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University graduating Summa Cum Laude and is also a Certified Health Specialist, and Certified Nutritional Consultant.  In August 2017, she passed the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and is now a Doctor of Naturopath. 

She has worked in clinical practices as a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 28 years, retiring from the Exceptional Dental Practice in Las Vegas, Nevada and pursuing her Independent In-Office Consulting full time. She joined Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as their Hygiene Program Director in 2010. As an In-Office Coach, Jill brings her passion and expertise to dental teams across North America on comprehensive treatment planning for the dental patient including restorative, occlusal, medical risk, sleep apnea, oral cancer, and periodontal health.

In the clinical setting, Jill specialized in non-surgical periodontal treatment, with special emphasis on Molecular Testing and Laser Therapy. She previously worked with Premier Laser and became certified on three different lasers since 1997. Jill has co-authored several articles appearing in well-respected dental journals regarding Laser applications in periodontal therapy.  In addition to being a published author, Jill is an accomplished International speaker who presents on topics including Molecular Testing, Restorative Communication and Acceptance, and Laser Therapy in Periodontal Treatment. 

She is trained in the newest technologies and treatments available and brings extensive knowledge of current science and research into every training she facilitates. Her work with the Las Vegas Institute allows her to express her enthusiasm for the future of dental hygiene while training others in the most up-to-date methods of patient care.

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Joseph Dewees was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started working in dental offices 19 years ago at the age of 17 as a sterilization technician, while also furthering his education at the College of Southern Nevada. Since then he has worn many different hats in dental offices, from Clinical Dental Assistant, Front Office, Office Manager, and Treatment Coordinator. It was 13 years ago he was first introduced to The Las Vegas Institute, which started his passion for Physiologic Dentistry and he enjoys helping patients achieve optimal dental and whole body health. 

Currently he is working as Treatment Coordinator with Dr. Laurie Bloch-Johnson, where he has worked for the past 11 years. He believes a good team is the key to being a successful dental practice, and hopes to help team members unlock their full potential and help them find their passion for dentistry. He is also an In-Office Consultant for 3 Shape Trios 3D Optical Dental Scanner. In addition he has a second passion for fitness and is a Group Fitness Instructor and enjoys pushing people to reach and exceed their fitness and weight loss goals.  







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Angela Martinez, VP, Strategic Associations and Dental Health Policy


Synchrony Financial

Angela Martinez found her passion for the field of dentistry 28-years ago when she held a part-time high school job in the back office of a dental practice. Over the years she expanded her expertise, holding multiple roles in the dental practice including RDA, treatment coordinator and Office Manager.  She used that first-hand patient experience when she left the practice environment to become a Dental Consultant and Provider Relations Manager for a Dental Insurance Company. Then, in 2014 she joined CareCredit.  At CareCredit she successfully leveraged her extensive knowledge and expertise in her role as trainer and Practice Development Manager.  Angela was subsequently promoted to her current role as Vice President of Strategic Association and Dental Health Policy to lead strategic initiatives, education and relationships with National, State and local Dental Associations and provide sales support for CareCredit Dental Tradeshows.




Darren D. Seigel, Esq.

Mr. Seigel is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Consulting at Advice Media, LLC, LVI’s and IAPA’s Internet Partner. His wealth of knowledge of dental practice marketing is honed from interviewing and working with thousands of doctors and dentists and the ideas he shares can increase your profits very quickly. He has been influential in the growth of practices from one-person-offices to multi-specialty groups and universities. Darren has over 14 years experience and is recognized as a leader in marketing, business development, and strategic business planning.   On more than one occasion he has been called the “most knowledgeable person in the business.”

He is a true renaissance man who works and plays equally hard.  Music is always playing at the Seigel house and Darren is rarely without tickets to an upcoming concert. Darren spent time “on the bus” with over 30 Grateful Dead shows under his belt. An active outdoorsman, when not traveling, you will find him with his three beautiful children, Quincy, Zane, Noa and his lovely wife, Heidi. Darren left Los Angeles in 2004 to live on the water in Galveston, TX.

Get ready to take a lot of notes.  Darren will be speaking in layman’s term how to make the most money possible from the Internet.  He will lay out what you need to do to not only get your website to the top of the search engines but also how best to convert your visitors to patients.  He will also give you an excellent road map on how to make your social media a true profit center and will explain what you really need to know about managing your on-line reputation.



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Dr. Reece received his pre-dental education from Texas Tech University. He received his DDS degree from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston in 1978. Following Dental School, he served in the US Air Force at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama till 1981. He then started his private general dental practice in Bryan, Texas. He now focuses on cosmetic and comprehensive restorative Physiologic Based Dentistry.

He is a graduate of the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and was give the honor of being a clinical instructor for the institute in 2003. He teaches dentist from all over the world in the latest treatments for cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction and Physiologic Based Dentistry. He is a member of many dental organizations and a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentist, Federation of Dentaire International and American College of Dentists. He received accredited status in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2001. He has been named as a Texas Super Dentist in the cosmetic field by Texas Monthly Magazine for the last two years.