Core II – Aesthetic and Restorative Principles in The Physiologic Practice

This 5-day course is packed with vital information and tons of hands on opportunities to get you thinking like a Physiologic Based Dentist and you will leave with the knowledge and tools you need to start implementing what you learned the first day back in you practice.

This course is designed to be a life-changing, aesthetic, and restorative treatment program with hands-on, personal experience in the management of a Physiologic Orthotic and well as a live-patient treatment course focusing on the conservative restoration of the posterior teeth. This intense, hands-on program concentrates on developing a critical eye for aesthetic excellence as well as completing the diagnostic foundation to help patients enjoy a life free of pain and physiologic compromises.

This course includes comprehensive training, practical occlusion concepts, creating a positive philosophical attitude and effective case acceptance principles and appropriate risk management procedures. Together with the attendees you will discuss cases being treated at home as well as cover the wide variety of different preparation designs and considerations. This experience will allow you to make the decisions for the case in a controlled environment and then when you are in your office preparing the actual case you can do it with confidence and precision.

The live-patient treatment portion of the course is centered around the conservative restoration of posterior teeth using the latest aesthetic materials that are placed in functional harmony. We will discuss both direct and indirect restorations, materials science/choices and the principles of adhesion are covered in depth.

Adhesion is among the fastest changing part of our profession – getting more predictable and more reliable, but you must know how to use the newer materials if you want to deliver exceptional care. Come to LVI and experience the program built from the life’s work of Dr. Ron Jackson and the decades of clinical experience of Dr. Ed Suh. Powerful and exciting, this course will change your life!

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Tuition: $6,995 – Doctor Prerequisites: Core I must be completed prior to attending.
Team Tuition: $995 – Per Attendee Length of Course: 5 days
AGD Codes: 250, 610, 253, 554, 612, 780 CE Credits: 37.5
Recommended: Highly recommended to bring a team member to learn with you and assist in the clinic.

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Discuss case treatment plans and options with their patient
  • Determine appropriate occlusal care for the patient
  • Develop a critical eye for aesthetic restorations and develop a good plan for the aesthetic based practice
  • Discuss the need for a patient centered practice
  • Discuss soft tissue recontouring planning principles
  • Define contemporary adhesives and biomechanics of adhesion
  • Define the selection process and correct use of adhesives based on the procedure being performed and the restorative material used
  • Identify the indications/contraindications for direct resin as well as aesthetic inlays/onlays
  • Utilize simplified and predictable placement techniques for these restorations
  • Discuss metal -free crown materials, what to use and how to use it, cement or bond
  • Define effective marketing and communication skills that are necessary to develop a successful aesthetic restorative practice
  • Direct team members to implement change in the evolving practice
  • Develop the patient’s understanding of the importance and principles of Physiologic Based Dentistry

Includes the following with Ms. Heather Hennen:

  • Seeing is believing – treatment planning/case presentation
  • Patient communication
  • Sound financial presentation

Course Dates:

  • February 21-25, 2023
  • July 11-15, 2023
  • November 14-18, 2023


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Visiting Faculty:    
Dr. Ed Suh

Ms. Heather Hennen


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6/1/2022 to 5/31/2025
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