CRUS – Core Review and Updated Science

Course Type: Elective Courses

LVI is an ever evolving Institute and virtual laboratory. The array of live patient programs and hands-on workshops allow us to be exposed to so many unique and difficult cases. Because of that, we have changed and advanced our courses, incorporating new techniques and principles into our curriculum. There have been more advances in Physiologic dentistry since LVI has been involved than the previous 35 years, and these advancements have occurred on an ongoing basis. Our courses are designed to keep you at the most current understanding of the science, technology and clinical significance in Physiologic dentistry. What we taught two years ago is different than what we are teaching today.

Because of this rapid evolution in the Physiologic revolution, we realize that it is crucial we offer a course that will present these changes and review the principles of the CORE curriculum.

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Tuition: $3,695– Doctor Prerequisites: CORE I, CORE II, CORE III, CORE IV, LIVE Core V, LIVE Core VI

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

    • Airway and Malocclusion
    • Importance of muscle palpation
    • Advanced signs and symptoms
    • Current Case DX and TX Planning
    • Finding Optimal Restorative Position
    • Orthotic Delivery / Chew Cycles/ T-scan
    • EMG GPS Bite Navigation System
    • Posterior Prep Design / Metal Free Dentistry
    • Anterior Conservative Prep Design
    • Advanced Smile Design and Lab Communication
    • Fixed Orthotic And Bite Transfer
    • Updated Adhesive Dentistry
    • New Rapid Cementation Technique for FM
    • Post Cementation Recontouring
    • Post Cementation Adjustment / EMG GPS Guided Bite Adjustment
    • OSA and TMD Connection

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See what others that have taken the course have to say:

I also came out and took the CRUISE course which is beyond the best investment you can make on a yearly basis I think, and took the fellowship exam and I think all of this collectively has invigorated the practice and me.

– Lindsey Marshall

“No matter how we are abbreviating it, this is an extremely valuable course!! If you love doing Neuro Muscular and cosmetic dentistry, confidence in your abilities and knowledge is the difference between yes and no for your guests. I can’t say enough good things about the class, and more importantly the confidence boost I got taking it. Essentially a rapid paced review of everything we should know from cores I-VII, plus a lot of updated information and techniques. No matter how hard you try, it is really tough to absorb 100% at each class along the way. CRUISE now CRUS ( I assume renamed for the great wine growing regions of Europe) is a class I recommend for all CORE VII grads. We have already closed a couple cases that I don’t know if we would have before taking the class!

– Byron Wall

I completed the CRUISE refresher course a few months ago and PAT 1 and 2 last week. It is amazing how LVI has evolved. I completed Core 7 in 2007. If you haven’t been back for awhile, believe me you need to go to catch-up. Everything has changed, from the GTO bite to treating the cervical area. The manner in which the bites are taken is completely different from 2007. I was able to take one of my patients who was getting better but symptoms wouldn’t resolve and get her pain free the week I returned after PAT 1 and 2. It’s nice to have the knowledge to treat even the most difficult of cases. Just go take PAT 1 and 2 and you will be impressed with what you learn, and wonder why in the hell you didn’t go earlier.

– Charlie Janes

“13 Years ago I had my own mouth restored as LVI by my neighbor. I have sincetaken a significant amount of LVI training. This has given me the confidence and ability to be excellent. The training I have recieved has made it possible for me to continue doing dentistry & 4 years passed graduation and will continue to do so as long as I am not a danger to the public.”

– Brian Schaw

“This course provided me with an exceptional, thorough review and update of my LVI core fundementals to provide excellent care.”

– Scott Lesueur

“This course should have had several hundred LVIer’s in attendence. There is no better way to keep abreast of some significant improvements in NM protocol and to know what you are doing correctly as well. Really glad I was here.”

– Ron Konig

“This course is a must for all of you who have taken the Core years ago and feel a bit rusty, like I did. You will leave feeling like you’ve reconnected to the current state of knowledge in Neuromuscular dentistry, adhessive dentistry, materials, and a bit of sleep breathingdisorders. I’m re-energized and plan to continue my journey in neuromuscular dentistry at LVI in the near future at PAT1”

– Virginia Gregory

“It was great review of core courses, it was very efficient for someone who did these courses a while ago and just needed a refresher.”

– Mike Deldar

“If you are looking for a Cliffnotes version of Cores 1-7, this is it.Everything you forget from the core courses was covered in 3 powerful days. whether you finished core 7 one year ago or five years ago, this course is invaluable if you want to practice neuromuscular dentistry at the highest level.”

– Timothy Gross

“Awesome course! Invaluable in updating long-time LVI graduates in latest recomendations & techniques.”

– Jon Ziv

“This is much more than an elective course. It solidifies past and present concepts and tx modalities. There are elements that are new, as well. It has re-ignited my love as a mouth-Doc. a fast paced event.”

– Kent White

“This course, to me, was like Update course on steroids. This course should replace update course. vedry nice review. Thank you.”

– Mojgan Mazhari

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