Head and Neck Anatomy and Evaluation (CBCT)

Course Type: Electives

***The January 11-12, 2024 course will be online.***

Everyone treating TMD patients should be having CBCT’s taken. This course is NOT just for those with a CBCT in their office. This course is designed to teach everyone to read and interpret CBCT’s whether they are done in the office or by a radiology center. It is considered by most to be the best head and neck anatomy course as well as you have to know the anatomy to know what normal is for diagnostic purposes. You will be presented with information to align the images, analyze the results and determine pathology. You will be shown normal anatomy so you can recognize abnormalities. Discover how to determine proper neck curvature, joint decompression and TMD related indicators. In this hands-on course you will work through a patient with a checklist to use on every scan you get or take in your office. 

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Tuition: $2950 – Doctor   Prerequisites: None
Team Tuition: $895 CE Credits: 19
AGD Codes:730 Length of Course: 2 days

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Interpret Cone Beams 
  • Recognize normal architecture
  • Recognize anomalies and where and when to refer

Course Dates:

  • January 11-12, 2024

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Visiting Instructors
Dr. William G. Dickerson

See what others that have taken the course have to say:

“It is not only the best CBCT program but the best anatomy program I have ever done. And I have done some great programs. Why? Because everything is relevant, hands-on and identifiable on the CBCT. Bill has an explain, show, do approach. It is balanced, fun, informative and perfect learn today, use tomorrow info. So essential for treating TMD.”

– Dr. Anne-Maree Cole

“I just got back from the Bill’s CBCT course and have that LVI high and excitement that I am about to become a better clinician. Reminds me of that excited and anxious feeling I got coming home from Core1 in the old days. Anyways, CBCT in dentistry really is now the standard of care for all dentists. Hell, now if you were to be involved in a board action or worse it is becoming very difficult to excuse away not having a CBCT as a part of your records and diagnosis. Personally, I think you are crazy if you are doing extractions, implants, endo, sleep, TMD, ortho, FMR, etc. without CBCT records. That being the case, we are all legally required without exception to adequately read those scans correctly. LVI is once again on the forefront of exceptional care by having this course, and Bill  has put together a simply stunningly excellent presentation in every aspect. The manual alone could be a standalone radiology text book unlike any other. The Romexis software is by far the best out there and makes it possible to read images in minute detail. Everyone should have this software imo, and of course taking this course is absolutely necessary if you have anything to do with CT’s in your practice. I loved this course; it is immersive and totally interactive. Bill you killed it this weekend, my hats off to you!”

– Dr. S. David Buck

“I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Bill for organizing the Advanced Scan course and the CBCT course. This is the second time I have taken the CBCT course and it makes so much more sense now.  I now understand, recognize and know where to find anatomic landmarks. This course is by far the most advanced course I have ever taken. The level of knowledge Bill teaches is incredible. There is NO OTHER COURSE LIKE THIS ANYWHERE!  Those of you who know me, know that I have an older brother that is an Interventional radiologist. I cannot wait to debate him and quiz him on what I now know!  Thank you Bill for giving me the confidence to read and understand what I am looking at.  If any of you have not taken this course, you must sign up for it. If you have taken it, take again! You will understand your patient’s cases so much better. If you have specialist that you work with, this is a must have course for them too.  I have already contacted a few of mine and invited them for the next course in April which by the way I’m going to audit again! So thanks for listening and be thankful for all that we have this holiday season! Thank you Bill for making me a better and much more educated doctor!”

– Dr. David Schmidt

“OK so this is my third time at the CBCT course. Went to the original 1 1/2 day course, the 2 day course, now 2 1/2 days, so worth it.  Why the third time? Because this course is that important and that good.  There really is no other course that teaches interpreting CBCT’s like this.  You may have a service that reads them for you, but they are limited in understanding and finding all the things we should be looking at, and they often mis-interpret or overlook many important aberrations.  The original course was great, but the evolution of this course is astounding.  The manual is really great, and the manner in which it is taught will provide you some walk away proficiency.   This is a must course.  Thank you Bill, for your commitment to Physiologic Dentistry and making LVI the BEST!”

– Dr. Ted C. Kawulok

“Bill, I think this might be the best course that LVI has ever done. I’ve had CBCT for over 10 years and have done many courses on it and I was happy with what I was doing. I now think that I was only paddling around near the edge of the pool and by the end of tomorrow I’ll be swimming laps with Michael Phelps.  You’ve really opened my eyes to what is possible. Thanks for all the time and effort that you’ve put into this. The workbook quality is excellent and it could be made into a textbook with very little else done to it.  I can hear Norm Thomas applauding.”

– Dr. Matthew Littleton

“CBCT – Looking at anatomy can really be boring but Bill has found a way to actually make this REALLY interesting. It’s amazing what you can see when you know what the heck you are looking at.  Now Planmeca has come up with an amazing offer for their Romexis software of only $500 compared to a normal $3500 or something like that.

I came in to the office this morning and had a CBCT to review with my system, Sidexis for the Sirona CBCT. It SUCKS. I can’t see have the stuff I’m looking for because the software isn’t advanced enough.  What an awesome course that just keeps getting better.Bill, great job on the course! EVERYONE get this on your calendars.”

– Dr. Kevin Winters

“It can be very confusing looking at a CBCT with all the areas to review and understand it in 3D. Bill made that so much easier with his system of reviewing the slices in a specific sequence based on categories in a 3D review. I loved the idea of analysing each concern in all slices by marking it. Brilliant idea. As usual Bills presentation was great. I actually took a 2.5 day CBCT program at a University dental program our association recommended. It was without a doubt absolutely crap compared to Bill’s program. If you have a CBCT you need to go to this course.”

– Dr. Steven Cload

“This course, as most all are at LVI, is mandatory. The CBCT course reaffirms the needs our profession should attain to manage dentistry, medicine and contemporary healthcare in the 21st century.”

– Dr. Kent White

“I have had a CBCT machine for over 10 years and I have been missing so much information that I learned from taking this course. Bill systematically goes through all the different information seen in a CBCT scan; not just normal things, but so much that pertains to physiologic based dentistry. I can’t wait to apply this knowledge when I review my next scan!”

– Dr. Hamada Makarita

“I came into this course feeling pretty confident reading CBCT’s for TMD & neck. This course showed me how much more there is to know. It provides a structured process for complete evaluation of your CBCT’s. I am learning and growing with The Continuum at LVI. Every time I come, the courses have so much information. I recommend reviewing the material (manuals) after each course. This helps me to implement all of the material.”

– Dr. John Garza

“What a course! Thank you Bill for taking the time out of your schedule to make this happen. What a great Saturday it was. Wow for putting all the time and effort into the prep. This was my third CBCT interpretation class. I learned more in the first 8 minutes, than the other two classes combined. Well done Bill!”

– Dr. Brian Devine

“LVI has given me so many tools and important information to change dentistry to a more comprehensive style. This physiologic style of dental education here has allowed me to educate patients better. Thank you Bill & Heidi and all the great staff.”

– Dr. Kathleen Dillon

“This was an awesome course! The manual that was given had everything in it making it easy to follow along. Thank you for putting it together. You can tell a lot of time was put into it.”

– Dr. Adelina Monty

“I can do far more procedures in-house and limit my referrals for my patients.”

– Dr. Greg Chace

“Every time I visit LVI I learn something amazing. Each course adds to my patient care.”

– Dr. Jennifer Chace

“How far LVI has come. I think I took the anatomy course with Norm 2 or 3 times. The CBCT course just put all of that in perspective. I knew I needed to know this stuff on the hard patients, but Bill just pulled it all together and gave me way to look at it. It is a new game that I will use on everyone. And you think that Bill is just an arrogant guy that tells you breakfast is over get to the lecture hall, but watching him go through scan after scan, knowing what everything was, randomly identifying things, and this guy knows his sh*@. Really. It was amazing watching him talk about every structure, just running through scans, it was amazing. When does he have time to learn this stuff? Well, unless it really is his passion filled purpose. Thank you so much Bill!”

– Dr. Clint Esler

” I usually don’t post anything after my courses because I just assume everyone will think I’m biased….but I HAVE to post this time. I agree with what everyone has posted and can’t say enough about BOTH the Advanced Scan and the CBCT courses…..and I am SO impressed with my amazing dad….his knowledge and ability to read both scans as well as CBCT’s is incredible and a testament to the time and effort he put into these courses. Now it’s on to the hard part of studying the manuals and going through scans on my own so it really sinks in. Good to see everyone that was there!! You are all my role models! :-)”

– Dr. Kimberlee Dickerson

“CBCT Evaluation course — WOW!!! Bill’s knowledge of head and neck anatomy is very IMPRESSIVE! He has taken so much time to learn how to evaluate the CBCT scans and the course that he has created is freakingly (if there is such a word) amazing. He has created a process of evaluating CBCT x-rays with a check list that is so comprehensive; your radiologist would be impressed. I cannot imagine how many hours he must have put in to create the manual and the course. Thank you Bill, for your passion, dedication and your pursuit to make us the best dentists we can be. It is very much appreciated. When the next course date is announced, make sure you sign up. You will not regret it — GUARANTEED!!!”

– Dr. Noor-Allah Manji

“Awesome Course!! Still can’t believe how much I learned in this one day course. Bill presents a different way to progress through the scans in checklist form arranged in a way that just makes sense. I loved it and highly recommend. P.S -This coming from the first CBCT user and San Diego County and the fourth in all of Southern California. I’m on my second machine so bottom line is I have been taking and reading CBCT’s for a long time. Still can’t believe how much I learned in this one day course. Bill presents a different way to progress through the scans in checklist form arranged in a way that just makes sense. I loved it and highly recommend.

– Dr. Martin Abelar

“I just returned from an amazing CBCT course. I highly recommend this course to everyone who treats the TMJ or sleep patients. Bill did an amazing job and created another WOW effect in everyone who attended this class. Thank you Bill for everything you have done for all of us to become the dentists that we are.”

– Dr. Mike Deldar

” I was blown away with the course content. Then at the end Bill brought it all together. He made the difficult seem doable. Thank you Bill so much for your dedication, your super human Brainiac, CBCT ninja skills and all of the LVI team! So glad I took the class!!!”

– Dr. Laurie Johnson

The depth of the course is insane. I close a lot of my cases because my patients think I am smart when reviewing their CT scan in front of them. The material is so intense that it blows away your patients by your knowledge of understanding their problem. CT interpretation makes clinical exams  almost obsolete.  You can really figure out what the problem really is with just the CT scan. Understand that I had limited knowledge of CT interpretation just a few years ago and now I feel like a top expert. My dental practice is now a CT centered practice as without it, I cannot treat patients. It is over and beyond invaluable if you want to be a competent physiologic dentist. Take the course and find out for yourself.

– Dr. David Frey

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