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Our biggest problem as a profession is we were only shown part of the story. A frightening number of problems are passed off as medical when the root cause is a dental issue that we weren’t taught to diagnose! Join us for this journey through all the power we have to heal and help our patients. We will outline how you can make a dramatic and positive impact on your patient’s quality of life and create a practice that is not only more powerful, but professionally much more rewarding! There is a world of dentistry out there that you are unaware of because you were never told about it in Dental School or at your local society meetings. It’s a world where patient’s WANT your dentistry and will pay for it! Find out about procedures that not only will you enjoy, but will dramatically add to the bottom line. Find out you can have this type of practice anywhere, not just in “big cities”.

Several exciting ideas we will discuss during the meeting:

  • Discover what services you should be providing for our patients that no other health care provider can
  • Discover why every single adult in your practice is potentially at risk both at night and during the day
  • Understand why the people who are dying of “natural causes” in their sleep are actually dying of a problem you may be able to help them with
  • Discover why medication isn’t the answer to a huge list of medical problems-by dentistry is!
  • Understand the connection between airway problems and TMJ issues and why your patients need you to help
  • Discover a world where you can dramatically change your patient’s lives, and even save their lives
  • Discover everyday things you might be doing that is causing serious problems with your patients and learn how to CONFIDENTLY treat them
  • Discover the amazing world of Physiologic Dentistry
  • Discover how to diagnose and treat TMD and OSA, craniofacial diseases that may affect over 40% of your patients

See what others that have taken the course have to say:

“I have been to several LVI regional events and still learn new information every time. I also enjoy seeing the faces of newcomers when the information starts to click and they realize the power of neuromuscular dentistry.”

– Mandy Holley

“This course was worth every penny. Actually in terms of benefits, it was invaluable information provided in a comfortable, concise, and professional manner.”

– Gregory Pucel

“This course was worth every penny. Actually in terms of benefits, it was invaluable information provided in a comfortable, concise, and professional manner.”

– Gregory Pucel

“This is a great one day course to get a real feel for what LVI is all about, seeing is believing!”

– Brian Davidson

“An absolute eye opener to NM dentistry looking forward to attend the core courses.”

– Dr. Dennis Gile

“Fantastic introducing course to what LVI has to offer.”

– Shane Matt

“I have not been to LVI and your course was excellent and helped me understand Neuromuscular so much better. Thanks you for sharing all of your knowledge and experience with our team.”

– Laura Carol

“Don’t wait for excellence to happen, pursue it! Learn it here.”

– Dr. Chris Molloy

“As a dental hygienist, I had no problems following course content. The course was given in an informal and humorous manner. I learned and got rejuvenated!”

– Annette Breault

“I thought this was a great class to help me – as an assistant – know if going to Core I would be beneficial to attend. And I know it will be. Thank you!”

– Jodi Bogers

“This regional event confirms why LVI the BEST instructors to spread the neuromuscular approach with the power of knowledge and passion!”

– Dr. Jonman Renpul

“This course has given the entire team a look into what dentistry can offer. We are better suited to provide an excellent service/experience to all our patients.”

– Dr. Paul Chaney

“Great introduction to LVI, very excited to attend Core I.”

– Monica Cobb

“This was a refresher course for me. I went to LVI in Core I in April. I enjoyed it and learned so much! I was really excited when I left! Can’t wait to return for Core II.”

– Keri Tarver

“this was my first LVI and at first I was skeptical b/c I didn’t know what it was all about. Now I can say it’s life changing and I’m excited to apply what I learned in my job.”

– Jennifer Derda

“The material of this course make so much sense and both instructors were great. They were speaking of knowledge and teaching from the heart. I am really grateful I attended this course.”

– Dr. Mostafa Aboulkhair

“I as a dental team member found this course to be very educating, very well explained and detailed. Looking forward to learning more. Speakers were very well educated, willing to stop and answer questions.”

– Bonnie Dean

“For a one-day course, the objective evidence in important NM dentistry is profound enough to compel me to further study. Perhaps this truly is “The future of Dentistry.”

– Dr. David Wagner

“Course enhanced my excitement and passion for comprehensive dentistry.”

– Dr. Swit Mchanty

“If you want to expand your ability to improve the way your patient’s teeth influence the rest of the body, this is a natural stepping stone for yourself and your staff. Joe Henry did an outstanding job of providing individual pearls to each attendance to improve what we can offer the patients starting the first day back to the office. The response of my staff far exceeded my expectations.

– Dr. Dennis Gile

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