Practical Advanced TMD Practice- Level 1

Course Type: Practical Advanced TMD Curriculum

You’ve completed the Core Programs. You should now be able to diagnose and treat TMD cases. But there is so much more. How much of the basics have you forgotten? Are you jumping to conclusions with difficult cases, looking for the rare reason rather than understanding the fundamentals of TMD treatment first? This course will fine tune your fundamental mandibular positioning skills, using the muscles to determine the direction that the bite should be moved and if there needs to be more de-torqueing of the mandible using the GTO Bite℠ technique in a hands on workshop.

This course is designed to teach the components of the real world TMD evaluation. You will participate in a hands on workshop in which we will also discuss TMD records, comprehensive evaluation, head and neck radiographic evaluation and the OSA/TMD relationship. You will also have the opportunity to help solve advanced problem cases with a live patient demo. We will also be reviewing and discussing difficult cases brought by the participants.

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Tuition: $3695 – Doctor Prerequisites: CORE I, CORE II, CORE III, CORE IVLIVE CORE V, LIVE CORE VI
Team Tuition: $795 – Team CE Credits: 23.5
AGD Codes: 010, 550 Campus: LVI Main Campus

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Develop a successful TMD practice.
  • Navigate a CBCT.
  • Treatment for acute TMJ pain.

Additional Topics:

  • New GTO science…proof we have a missing link.
  • Were you confused about scan 18? Find out why.
  • How do you know if your patients are adequately relaxed? A sure fire way without having to take any additional scans.
  • Why are many of your patients not getting relaxed from tensing?
  • What should you avoid before taking the bite? Avoid compressing the decompressed.
  • Beyond the GTO bite℠…What should you do and not do when taking the bite?
  • Learn an immediate posture correction technique.
  • What is normal and abnormal TMJ function?
  • What does “micro trauma” do in your patients? What are the causes? What do you do about it?
  • Hands-on physical therapy for your patients to help get a good bite the first time.
  • Understanding TMJ anatomy that is PRACTICAL and clinically applicable.
  • Recognize what is normal and abnormal.
  • Understanding the relationship between TMD and OSA.
  • TMJ physical therapy
  • Treatment for acute TMJ pain.
  • How to navigate a CBCT?
  • Where the CBCT data fits within the TMD consult?
  • Trigger points, case stabilization, treating acute inflammation of the joint, recapturing the disc.
  • How to treat and recapture the displaced disc?
  • Advanced Scan Interpretation.

Course Dates:

Sunday, September 9, 2018 to Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Sunday, March 17, 2019 to Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Sunday, September 15, 2019 to Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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See what others that have taken the course have to say:

What a terrific three days of learning. I absolutely love neuromuscular dentistry and treating patients with TMJ dysfunction, pain, headaches, migraines, etc. I was quickly humbled in how much new information I did not know. So I go back to my practice a better clinician and diagnostician as a result of spending three days with the ‘masters’. My patients will receive a higher level of care and better treatment results. From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you for relentlessly advancing the forefront of neuromuscular dentistry. I am so privileged to be a part of LVI.

– Dr. Fred Abeles

This course answered a lot of questions that would have taken decades of practice to figure out on my own.

– Dr. Jack Schmid

PAT 1 is a game changer, will make immediate positive changes for my patients and bottom line in terms of clinical efficiency. A great group of doctors, and am continued to be amazed by the faculty.

– Dr. Tim Issacson

I’m truly trying to comprehend the volume of material we just have had the privilege of being exposed to. The magnitude of info from a regional event to core 7 is about the same or a little less than core 7 to PAT 2. Truly a game changer. If you have not taken these courses or have not taken them recently, do yourself and more importantly your patients a favour and do so. I’m not usually one to comment or post but I had to say this cause it will change what I do that dramatically. Thanks to those that attended, the all star faculty and of course Bill and Heidi. Much gratitude

– Dr. Keith Wempe

This course has brought things together for me. LVI continues to take it to the next level. Thanks to everyone at the course – instructors and attendees. After core 7, PAT 1&2 are a must.

– Dr. Trevor Archibald

Wow, blown away again at how much more there is to see. Just having completed the core curriculum last year, realizing that was only the surface! In all seriousness these two programs are ridiculously fantastic! Get out here and do them if you haven’t there is so much more to see. Great work LVI family thanks for the wonderful opportunity to be the best I can be!

– Dr. Douglas Hanson

I completed the CRUS refresher course a few months ago and PAT 1 and 2 last week. It is amazing how LVI has evolved. I completed Core 7 in 2007. If you haven’t been back for awhile, believe me you need to go to catch-up. Everything has changed, from the GTO bite to treating the cervical area. The manner in which the bites are taken is completely different from 2007. I was able to take one of my patients who was getting better but symptoms wouldn’t resolve and get her pain free the week I returned after PAT 1 and 2. It’s nice to have the knowledge to treat even the most difficult of cases. Just go take PAT 1 and 2 and you will be impressed with what you learn, and wonder why in the hell you didn’t go earlier.

– Dr. Charlie Janes

I encourage you all to treat yourselves to the PAT courses. You will enjoy the learning and be able to deliver much better and quicker improvements for your patient’s health, function and appearance

– Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia

Just finished PAT 1, great course to take you to the next level. Thanks to the lecturers and attendees, great learning from all. Can’t wait for PAT2

– Dr. Trevor Archibald

PAT 1 was great, and PAT 2 is looking to be even better. Learning a lot about cervical issues and we’ll do a hands on tomorrow on adjusting the upper cervicals before taking the bite. This is totally cool. Really looking forward to tomorrow!

– Dr. John Highsmith

“Its the course where I’ve learned the MOST since I’ve been coming to LVI!”

– Dr. Nicol Cook

“This course has definitley changed the way that I will look at my cases. I can’t wait to get home and apply these ideas to my problem cases.”

– Dr. Marty Frankel

“I heard the term “game changer” to describe this course. It really shouldn’t be a game changer but the “standard of care” if you are practicing NM dentistry. Simple, predictable care for our patients just got even easier – AWESOME!”

– Dr. Fred Calavassy

“Exciting, new information and techniques that will get me better results, sooner.”

– Dr. Kurt Doolin

“What a wealth of knowledge in the room! Even after being at LVI close to twelve times, I feel like I’ll need to take this course again to retain everything presented. It was jam packed with relative, useful information.”

– Dr. Chris Sprout

“I have taken almost every course at LVI but PAT 1 is truly the course to take you to the final level! I feel it is the course which will absolutely change my practice! Thanks everyone! I am a much better dentist!”

– Dr. Keith Blankenship

“I am excited to see how much more I will be able to do for my patients. “

– Dr. Irfaan Salyani

“I took Post Core Level 1 last year which was excellent but this new PAT 1 is a wealth of information. Thank you! “

– Dr. Richard Looze

“This course was a relevant and important update and review on current NM materials. Each day was worth the whole course. “

– Dr. William Martin

“This course answered a lot of questions that would have taken decades of practice to figure out on my own. “

– Dr. Jack Schmid

“Great course- very practical and relevant to every NM dentist.”

– Dr. Scott Tamura


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