Surgery 2- Implant Integration: Multi-Site Techniques and Advanced Grafting Options

Course Type: Implantology Curriculum

The second surgical course in the LVI Implant Continuum provides more in-depth training of more advanced implant and grafting techniques. This course is designed for those looking to really enhance their basic knowledge and skills in Implantology. We will discuss the basics on immediate placement of an implant after extraction. We will be expanding into more complicated extractions and discuss free-hand protocols and when to use them or graft.

Advanced grafting options and multi-site guided implants sites will be discussed as well. We will discuss flap design, ridge augmentation, ridge splitting, lateral sinus grafting, sinus tenting, implant removal and much more as requested by the members attending. There will also be 2 live surgeries during the course and doctors have the option of bringing a live case based on instructor review and approval. Students will have the option to complete two cases within two weeks of course completion and submit to LVI for clinical review to receive additional CE credit.

View our Course Information:

Tuition: $3,695 – Doctor Prerequisites: Surgery 1
Team Tuition: $795 CE Credits: 22.5
Length of Course: 3 days AGD Codes: 690
Campus: LVI Main Campus  
Required Materials to Bring: Laptop PC for CT Case Planning. Mac systems and iPad tablets will not work for this exercise
Optional: Surgical Loupes For Hands-on Exercises Bring Patient for Class observation. Dr Malin will perform case in front of class. This is based on first come, first serve bases and student must submit 2 clinical case photos, radiographs and 3D images a minimum of 30 days prior to course to for approval. In-Office Implant Case Mentorship (Additional 8 CE Credits Available)
Below is a list of cases for submission:
  • Extraction with immediate placement.
  • 3+ site location Guided surgery.
  • Sinus Graft, Tenting or Lateral Window Case
  • Onlay Grafting or Tenting Screws Case
  • Ridge Augmentation Case

Any grafting materials, barriers, implants and related tools will be available on sale or consignment at the course and can be taken home for the required cases.

Clinical Case Pre-requirements: Submit 2 clinical case photos, radiographs and 3D images a minimum of 30 days prior to course to for approval. After approved, schedule the 2 cases within 2 weeks of completion of course, preferably schedule immediately when you are back in the office while material is fresh. Once you complete the case please submit post operative case photos, radiographs and 3D images to: for final CE approval.

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Discuss various flap designs and suturing techniques.
  • Utilize ridge augmentation techniques.
  • Complete advanced extraction cases.
  • Recognize when to graft or do an immediate implant placement.
  • Discuss the benefits of tunnel grafting, ridge splitting with immediate implant placement, block grafting, and bone harvesting.
  • Discuss the advantages of Pieazo Electric surgery.
  • Utilize the applications for tenting screws and titanium- reinforced membranes for hard and soft tissue grafting.
  • Utilize the technique of Lateral Sinus Grafting.
  • Discuss potential surgical complications and management.
  • Discuss implant denture surgical protocols.

Course Dates:

Wednesday , August 2, 2017 to Friday , August 4, 2017

Take a look at our team:

Visiting Instructors
Dr. Leo Malin

See what others that have taken the course have to say:

“Dr, Malin takes implants and bone grafting and makes it simple, practical and predictable. Will make a difference in my practice on Monday morning.”

– Dr. Paul Sussman

“Dr. Leo helped our office by giving us the tools and knowledge to give our patients the comfort of having the dental surqeries that they need done by the team they know and are most comfortable with. Being able to follow and control patient care from beginning to end of treatment is something we really value at our office. Thank you Dr. Leo for answering all of our questions and teaching us about your successes and failures so we can better care for our patients.

– Brittany Dawson

“Leo Malin is incredibly skilled at both the placement of implants and grafting and teaching others how to do them. this course will take my implant skills to the next level.”

– David Smith

“Outstanding course. All nuts and bolts for Implants & Grafting. Can’t wait to start working and learning!”

– Dr. Bill Poe

“Great lecture. Very beneficial for team members to attend. Loved watching the live surgeries. Very helpful to understand he procedures from a team member’s stand point. Dr. Leo made us feel comfortable to ask questions as well.”

– Dana Criminger

“The material was so well presented that I feel that once I get the proper quipment I will be able to accomplish the procedures with confidence!”

– Antonio Cigna

“Hands down the best and most useful implant and grafting course ever. Completely practical and a definite game changer. Education, confidence and treatment option booster.”

– Dr. Dean Licenblat

“Best surgical course I have ever attended. If anyone is considering an implant/surgical course, do not miss the opportunity to take Leo’s course!”

– Dr. Ronald Willis

“Leo takes the fear out of doing extensive surgery procedures. During his live patient demos he explains clearly, he explains what he’s thinking and why the procedure might change. This was an opportunity to see a master at work!”

– Dr. Doug Nelson

“Leo does an excellent job of effectively translating his lecture material into real world clinical applications and does an even better job of showing you how to handle the surgical complications in his live patient surgeries that would occur if you are placing dental implants and grafting tissue.”

– Dr. Andrew Willoughby

“This was one of the most comprehensive, exciting and valuable courses I’ve taken in years. Having the opportunity to watch live surgeries was amazing and a huge key to the learning process with implants. The confidence you gain from this class is priceless.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Haddad

“This was a fantastic course for team members, especially for assistants so we can be more aware of steps involved and prepared for possible complications in grafting and implant procedures.”

– Marni Stutz

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