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There is only one person that stands in the way of you having the best year ever… and that’s you. It’s only you that can derail your goals by giving up or worse, not even trying. It’s only you that can keep your attitude positive. It’s only you that can “commit” to being the best you can be!

Make a commitment that you will take control of your life and commit to being the best you can possibly be. Don’t let the paradigms get in the way of your dreams and goals! Life is way too short to miss out on enjoying the journey so make sure you have fun while chasing your dreams!

Make a difference. Make the world a better place because you were here. Mean something. Change the life of a person; be the best dentist possible for your patients. As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Commit to that and happiness is yours. Be happy that you have made a difference in this world. Live with that passion filled purpose, which is all that really matters.

Love and Gratitude,


Bill Dickerson, DDS, FAACD, LVIM
Founder and CEO of LVI


The Fundamental PhIlosophy at LVI is the patient deserves the opportunity to be fully informed. This includes an understanding of the health of their teeth and gums, however at LVI we also incorporate a scientific approach to evaluating the supporting soft tissues and muscles. It has been shown that 90% of pain in the body is muscular in origin, and by starting with an appreciation of the muscles, the LVI alumni is addressing issues that generally aren’t even on the dentist’s radar. This philosophy has led LVI to be a leader in the field in understanding the importance of airway and the dentists role in managing OSA. It is this appreciation for the patients physiologic health that separates LVI from all other dental institutes.

Your LVI journey would start with a three day program that will equip you to diagnose and manage the patients in your practice already. Statistically almost half have bite symptoms of some sort they are already dealing with. After the initial three day program, Core I: Advanced Functional Dentistry- The Power of Physiologic Based Occlusion, the dentist is adequately trained to recognize and properly diagnose the suboptimal bite as well as to offer a treatment option focusing on removable appliances to support a more optimal bite. Obviously no one can teach full mouth rehabilitation in a three day program. Our continuum is designed to build the foundation for you to be able to integrate restorative, orthodontic and coronoplasty as a predictable option in your practice.



“LVI has accomplished the merging of proven successful NM techniques with the treatment of OSA. LVI again leads the way.”

Dr. Joe Quartuccio

“I walked away with an appreciation for the overlap between NM pathologies and sleep pathologies and I feel confident about treating both kinds of patients using new approaches.”

Dr. Barry Turner

“LVI really opened my eyes to how comprehensive NM dentistry can be concerning the head and neck area, the area we are responsible for as dentists.”

Dr. Bryan Soto


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