Comprehensive Care. The Physiologic Connection.


Would you like to improve your patients’ lives by treating chronic pain or protecting their airway and sleep? Would you like to be seen as the expert in your town? Would you like to be able to implement systems with your team to make your office run smoothly?


Empower your team to become leaders and inspire your patients to accept more complete care? Be successful financially, personally, and professionally knowing you are delivering the absolute best dentistry has to offer?


The LVI dentist sees the complete picture of the health of the system, including the teeth, bones, muscles and joints. LVI had brought the importance of physiology to life with logical and scientific information about how we as dentists can provide care we never thought possible. With the training provided, you will be able to provide care you may never have imagined possible and become a complete mouth doctor. LVI implements the physiologic approach in all major courses providing comprehensive care for your patients.

The dentist can only diagnose what they can see. Dental schools train us to basically look at teeth and gums, and here you will learn to be a mouth doctor treating the whole patient. At LVI, dentists learn treatment for complex cases ranging from coronoplasty, to orthotic therapy, to orthodontics, to full-mouth rehabilitation, to treating OSA and the effect the bite has on the rest of the body.

“With each subsequent course, I have received additional tools that assist me in improving the quality of life of my patients.”

Dr. David Smith

“Simply put, LVI has changed me from a tooth technician into a doctor of the mouth. I now treatment plan patients differently than I ever imagined.”

Dr. Brian Klaich

“I was skeptical coming to LVI, but I am so glad I did! I learned more in three days than a year in dental school.”

Dr. Forough Akrami

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