Ideal Aesthetics. The Aesthetic Occlusion Connection.

lvi_6From your First Steps at LVI, you will be encouraged to treat the teeth as if they were your own. It is an advantage to preserve as much tooth structure as possible, and fortunately adhesive dentistry does exactly that. The reality is the dentists who have learned the material in the Core programs will prepare less tooth structure away because they have the knowledge and under standing to select the most conservative approach accomplishing the patients goals.

While we are generally used to seeing worn down stubby little teeth (and it may even appear normal), the connection of occlusion and aesthetics is LVI’s primary claim to fame. No one does it better using scientific, evidence based principles. This balance naturally occurs and should be the foundation of an aesthetic smile and face. This revolutionary marriage and understanding of functional physiology allows long lasting, predictable and stable restorations with amazingly beautiful results. LVI explains the scientific principles around determining tooth proportions.

“My personal journey at LVI taught me the best cutting edge techniques in dentistry and also taught me to love what I do.“

Dr. Conchi M. Sanchez-Garcia

“I listened to Pankey, I listened to Dawson but I heard LVI. I am so thankful that I found LVI, I am a better dentist now for doing so. A million thanks!”

Dr. Mary Day

“Being right out of dental school and this being my first course with LVI, it was an absolute eye opener. Great for both new and old dentists!”

Dr. Neena Patel

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