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The LVI practice management systems are designed to enable you to design the practice of your dreams. If your goal is to become a fee for service practice then it is only a matter of organizing the systems to create that. Along with the clinical courses for the doctor, the team programs emphasize communication and business principles that allow your team to take home the keys to drive the practice toward success. In any practice attempting to become successful, the dedication of each of the team members will define the level of success the business enjoys. In the end, the success is simply a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the entire team.

“This LVI course made a team out of my employees. Everyone is excited and invigorated. Can’t wait to get back to the office to implement our office goals.”

Brenda Bailey

“LVI is a wonderful learning environment. Every team member benefits from these courses. It gives you a “spark” and makes going home to the office very exciting!”

Krista Hixson

“I strongly suggest more dentists include their teams for these courses. After 23 years in their field, this has been one of the best courses all around that I’ve been involved in.”

Alison Brantley



SKILLS “Attending LVI has not only tremendously improved my dental, clinical, and practice management skills, but it has made me a more well rounded person, a better wife, a better mother, and a better employer. I would strongly recommend LVI to anyone wanting to improve all aspects of their professional and personal lives.”
Dr. Kathleen Carson, Agoura Hills, California
MOTIVATION “I have always taken my job as a dentist seriously and tried to keep up to date professionally. Philosophically, I have always tried to do the right things for the right reasons and after CORE I, I realized that I could be looking after my patients a lot better. For me guilt is a major motivator. LVI has raised the bar on “keeping up to date” and knowing what I know now, I would feel uncomfortable in not continuing with the learning offered at LVI.”
Dr. Neil Cheeesman, Deakin, Australia
TRAINING “I have been to several cosmetic courses and I have heard several different philosophies. Now I feel like I have a home for continuing education. LVI has made me a better dentist! With time and completion of course work, specialists are referring to my practice for cosmetics. LVI training has helped to bulletproof my practice while other dentists are struggling with the economy.”
Dr. Ben Sutter, Eugene, Oregon
LIFE CHANGING “LVI is life changing- in my personal and professional life. I am so glad I made the choice to further my education at LVI and it has been worth every dollar I’ve spent! I can’t wait to come back again.”
Dr. Valle Rischer, Columbia, Missouri
PASSION “LVI has made a massive change to my practice and life. Every time I come here, I not only learn more but also leave even more passionate about dentistry and life. Both myself and most importantly my patients benefit from my LVI experience.”
Dr. Steven Cload, Calgary, Alberta
FRIENDSHIP “Before coming to LVI, I used to say I didn’t have any friends who were dentists, because most dentists I knew were fairly closed minded. Since coming to LVI, I have AMAZING dentist friends all over the world. Plus an education that has completely changed how I practice dentistry. Huge win/win.”
Dr. Andrea Stevens, Kanata, Ontario
ENTHUSIAM “As a dentist that started his LVI journey late in his career, LVI has renewed my enthusiasm for dentistry and how it can positively benefit both my patients and myself. Thanks to LVI, as long as my health and enthusiasm remains strong, I have no desire to retire anytime in the near future.”
Dr. David Kiger, Lynchburg, Virginia
KEY TO SUCCESS “LVI has been key to my overall success in dentistry. From clinical skills to business philosophies, to my overall attitude. LVI has been the best thing for my career.”
Dr. Jeffrey Haddad, Rochester, Michigan
KNOWLEDGE “LVI continually satisfies my quest for knowledge. I never expected to treat patients with TMD. All courses I went to outside of LVI made it seem like an art for a select few. Now I am successfully treating TMD patients who were unsuccessful elsewhere. I enjoy the continuous challenges in my practice and always have. I admit I do not always get excited when going to a continuing ed class, but I always am jazzed to come to LVI.”
Dr. Alan Montrose, Beaverton, Oregon
INFLUENCE “LVI has not only changed the way I practice, but has also had an immense influence on my personal life. I can now help my patients in ways that affect their overall health and truly change their lives. I have attended most of the major advanced dental continuing education institutues and LVI is by far THE BEST!”
Dr. Russell Rainey, Tallahassee, Florida
GRATIFICATION “LVI has taught me a way of practicing that makes it enjoyable to go to work again, really it isn’t work anymore. I have fun with my team and my patients and success has followed. Yes, I collected over one million dollars last year, but the fact that it was possible working fewer days, having much more fun treating people to a much higher standard is what’s the most gratifying to me. I can’t think of a better way to earn a living than being an LVI dentist.”
Dr. Yuro Ihns, Castlegar, British Columbia
INTEGRITY “Thanks to LVI, at 57 years old, the last thing I would do is retire. Dentistry is too much fun. Thanks to LVI, I feel there is good and integrity in dentistry and dentists that I never thought existed. Thanks to LVI, I have a life and career I thought I could never have.”
Dr. Guy A. Spinner, Westhampton Beach, New York
LIFE-LONG LEARNING “As many of my classmates are looking to winding down there practice they look at me with questioning expressions when I enthusiastically tell them that I am now having more fun than I ever had and looking forward to many more years of practice! As I start my 30th year in dentistry I look forward to completing the Core Curriculum and continuing to be a life-long learner!”
Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko, Edmonton, Alberta

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