In-Office Consult with Joe Dewees

Course Type: Team Training

Integrating LVI Principles into your Practice- In-Office Consult with Joe Dewees

Most Doctors that come to LVI either don’t bring any team or bring just one key team member so when they return to their practice it is hard to get everyone on board, change protocols and implement the new ideas. While every practice is unique, Physiologic Based Dentistry principles can be used to help every patient in your office and allow you to be more comprehensive in your diagnosis and treatment of your patients. Proper communication of these principles should allow you and your team to treat more patients more effectively.

The goal of this in-office consultation will be to ensure that everyone on the team understands how to recognize TMD/OSA patients as well as how these complex cases are treatment planned. This consult is designed to ensure that the entire team has a working knowledge of the technology we use to diagnose and treat these patients who are suffering with TMD and OSA. 

We also understand that every practice is unique and at different stages in their LVI journey and we will customize this consultation to fit the wants and needs of your practice.

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Two Day Consult Fee (Including One Doctor)$7,000 Prerequisites: Core I-Foundations in Treating Complex Cases
Additional Doctor Fee: $1,000 CE Credits: 16 for 2 day consult

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Utilize TENS and EMG’s in your practice
  • Recognize different personality traits and communicate more effectively
  • Present more comprehensive treatment plans and increase case acceptance
  • Discuss the importance of Visual Aids and Photography in a Dental Practice
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of TMD/OSA and how to open up conversations with your patients about what you are seeing.
  • Have more effective team meetings and recognize scheduling issues before they happen.
  • Roleplay a new patient coming into the office and give them the ultimate experience

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Joseph Dewees