Christie A.

After suffering in pain for nearly two decades (and grinding away my once beautiful teeth), the brilliant Dr. Jon and his awesome staff literally saved my life — my QUALITY of life, anyway! I had become accustomed to living with the daily pain and discomfort that my nightly grinding was causing and resigned myself to just accepting that I would always have to deal with it. It affected my moods, sleep, everything. The daily headaches, jaw aches, ear issues, sore neck, back aches, insomnia, etc., were unbearable. I almost lost hope. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Jon. I just planned on seeing him for a routine check-up. I was pleasantly surprised when he not only diagnosed my problem correctly, but also told me that he had the solution for it! I have been wearing my custom-made orthotic appliance for a few weeks now. I noticed the relief after just only a few days of wearing it. I almost couldn’t believe the difference! It seemed too good to be true — but it IS true! It’s already greatly reduced my pain and I am confident that soon all of my symptoms will be completely eliminated. I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Jon and his fabulous team. Not only are they absolutely wonderful to be around, their professionalism is boundless…….THANK YOU SO MUCH! TMD sufferers: do not wait another minute! See an LVI doctor and start to feel like yourself again!

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