Lisa Davis

Following is an account of how one patient’s pain and agony was alleviated after visiting an LVI-trained dentist.

“Within six months, I had undergone a total of six root canals (including re-treatments) on three teeth. My physician admitted me to the hospital with nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. While in the hospital, I spoke with a psychiatrist. He felt that I suffered from depression and anxiety caused by severe pain. I was released from the hospital with prescriptions.

I was in constant pain. When I went to bed at night I dreaded getting up in the morning. I felt helpless and hopeless. Not only did the teeth that had been treated with root canals continue to hurt, so did the extraction site of the tooth I had removed. Other teeth in my mouth also started to cause pain.

Scott (my husband) took me to see an LVI-trained dentist. After my initial consultation, he believed that the pain I was experiencing was due to clenching my teeth. I was skeptical. I didn’t see how clenching my teeth could cause so much pain.

The next day the doctor began a process of “TENSing” and making appliances to keep me from clenching and grinding my teeth. I began to feel better. The pain was no longer constant but more intermittent. I seemed to have more good days than bad.

For so long, I had dreaded the holidays. I felt that being in pain and trying to get ready for Christmas would be overwhelming and stressful. I hated the thought of my family being disappointed and unhappy because of my situation. Much to my surprise, by mid December I was feeling so much better. Our Christmas holidays were wonderful. We enjoyed family activities that I never thought would have been possible. Instead of feeling hopeless, I now feel hopeful.”

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