2017 IAPA Recap

A fun time was had by all at the 2017 IAPA Conference.  We had some amazing lectures, workshops, and the return of Dr. Ron Jackson as well as our inaugural Team Track!   But it wasn’t just all work and no play…  We had yet another successful After Dark Party “White Night” theme, sponsored by Nucalm… where we had some really creative (all white) costumes and where everyone had the time of their life dancing the night away!  And don’t forget our annual tug of war contest in which both the US men and women both defeated the international men and women.  Our “Oktoberfest” extended happy hour on Friday was another rounding success.  We had German food, German music, German beer tasting and a Beer Chugging (more like slurping) contest where both men and women were contestants!   Congratulations not only to our winner’s but to all of those who participated!!!  

The 2017 IAPA Aesthetic Eye, sponsored by Kettenbach, showcased some of the best cases submitted by IAPA doctors who attended the conference.   Also a BIG thank you to Kettenbach for provided some incredible prizes for both the individual category winners as well as the People’s Choice Winner!  Below are the names of these winners…..


People Choice Winner – Dr. Paul Peterson

Category 1 (Anterior Aesthetics) winner– Dr. Jerry Hu

Category 2 (Full Arch/ Full Mouth) winner – Dr. Paul Peterson

Category 3 (Glamour Portrait) winner – Dr. Michael Reece

Category 4 (Single Tooth Match) winner – Dr. Frank Sullivan


As we closed out the 2017 conference, it was definitely a unanimous vote that a good time was had by all!   Below are just a couple of quotes from attendees about the conference…..


“I think with every meeting there are gems that we can implement into our practices. This year’s meeting filled in many gaps for us in many areas. First, Bill’s presentation gave us a fantastic example of how to present Physiologic dentistry to our patients. The team tracks supplied the information in a team format— brilliant. I am most excited today to see how they will implement what they learned in the office. Lastly, and IMO the most important take away, we need to be airway centric. Since we now know about midface deficiency, why not look at the airway, SBD, midface deficiency first? Or expect to deal with that decision later as it pertains to relapse and accommodation post phase 2. Midface deficiency is a game changer. This differentiates is from other groups like the one with a stupid “G” as Bill would say. In the end, my suggestion is to implement these into your practices otherwise, the updates are useless!!”

Dr. John Garza



2017 IAPA session was by far THE most inspiring educational comprehensive, aesthetic, physiologic dentistry meeting I have ever attended. The team track in physiologic aesthetics was invaluable to getting my team up to speed on physiologic aesthetics systems in the practice.

Shout out to Dr. Joe Barton and his team for his systematic approach to organizing systems for comprehensive, physiologic cases. We will be able to implement these systems on Monday morning! I found Dr. Anne Marie Cole’s lecture on CBCT interpretation unlike anything I’ve seen before in any CE course. Thank you for sharing such a systemized approach to CBCT interpretation. Dr. Bill Dickerson’s lecture on the research he has personally spent hours on the TMJ/TMD//CMD/OMD/OSA Physiologic dentistry FB discussion group was an eye opener and so valuable to my every day interaction with the guests in my practice to help me truly understand how these TMD sufferers feel in our offices. Dr. Ed Suh provided the updated adhesive dentistry science easy to comprehend and understand for providing my clients with the best materials available today in adhesive dentistry. This is what I do EVERY DAY in my practice! I’m so proud to support such an amazing association and look forward to the 2018 IAPA session. I’ll be there with my entire team! Hope to see you there. This will indeed make dentistry great again!

Dr. Tracey Ray Hughes


If you missed out on the 2017 conference, never fear we are already gearing up for the 2018 IAPA conference where you will…..

reView things you’ve learned


reNew your commitment to education


reFocus your dental practice


To find out more about the upcoming IAPA click here 

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