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The July date is available online or on campus with a live, over the shoulder release.

Tethered oral tissue (TOT) can significantly alter the growth and development of children and impact the quality of life in adults. This course will teach the importance and fundamentals of diagnosing and treating lip and tongue ties at ALL stages of life. At the conclusion of this course attendees will feel confident in their ability to recognize and use soft tissue lasers to manage this unappreciated and under diagnosed anomaly. Change the lives of your patients, and see how fulfilling dentistry can be when you help those in need of these releases. Learn Hands ON from one of the TOP LEADERS in our profession, Dr. Lane, who has done over 1,000 releases.


  • Understand the significance of tethered oral tissues (TOT) in infants and adults
  • Examine, identify and classify lip and tongue ties 
  • Discuss basic laser physics and the importance of wavelength in the use of soft tissue lasers
  • Learn the OPTIMAL way to do releases
  • Explain how the body heals after the release of tethered oral tissues (TOT) from different modalities 
  • Incorporate releasing tethered oral tissues (TOT) into your dental practice
  • Head back to your practice confident in what you learned and how to implement these procedures 

Prerequisite: None

Doctor Tuition: $1395

Team Tuition: $795

CE Credits: 7.5

About Dr. Gregory Lane

Dr. Lane graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1990. He then attended the Medical College of Ohio for a hospital based general practice residency. After completion of his residency, Dr. Lane stayed to serve as Associate Clinical Professor of Dentistry while he became involved in a private practice in Toledo, Ohio. In 1993 he moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to his family and began his own private practice. In 2005 Dr. Lane went to Boston for his first LVI event. It changed his life. He became invested in the study of physiologic dentistry and earned the LVI Fellowship title as well as several certifications in the use of lasers. Dr. Lane has now spent over 28 years practicing physiologic and laser dentistry in his hometown of Greensburg, Pa.

In 2016 Dr. Lane cofounded The Laser Center for Pediatric Frenectomies, LLC with his partner, Dr. Keith Gjebre, a pediatric dentist. Together with his partner, Dr. Lane has performed over 1000 frenotomies on infants and children-changing their lives forever. It is truly one of the great joys in his professional career.

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