This online course is for all Team Members!

This one-day online course is for all team members in your practice, whether you are new to an established LVI practice, your Doctor is just starting their LVI journey, or if you are a regular at LVI and would like to get a review on Physiologic Based Dentistry. Our goal is to give you all the fundamental information to make sure the whole team has a better understanding of Physiologic Based Dentistry and how we are truly helping improve the lives of our patients.

The team will be able to:
  • Handle the New Patient Phone Call
  • Effectively communicate with patients by identifying their personality traits
  • Discuss what TMD is and how we treat it
  • Recognize Signs and Symptoms of TMD
  • Identify and implement your role as a team member in treating TMD patients
  • Discuss the relationship of Airway and TMD
  • Recognize how the face structure changes due to improper airway through growth and development
  • Take Hamular Notch Impression and Importance of HIP
  • Measure the patients Shimbashi and figure out Golden Vertical
  • Properly place the MicroTENS for TENSing
  • Discuss EMG’s and how to properly take an M-Scan
  • Discuss mounting models of a TAG bite on a Stratos

Prerequisite: None

Doctor Tuition: $695

Team Tuition: $495

CE Credits: 7

About Joseph Dewees

Joseph Dewees was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started working in dental offices 20 years ago at the age of 17 as a sterilization technician, while also furthering his education at the College of Southern Nevada. Since then he has worn many different hats in dental offices, from Clinical Dental Assistant, Front Office, Office Manager, and Treatment Coordinator. It was 15 years ago he was first introduced to The Las Vegas Institute, which started his passion for Physiologic Dentistry and enjoys helping patients achieve optimal dental and whole body health. 

He is now the Director of Team Programs here at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He believes a well trained, empowered team is the key to a successful dental practice, and hopes to help team members unlock their full potential and help them find their passion for dentistry.  

In addition he has a second passion for fitness and is a Group Fitness Instructor and enjoys pushing people to reach and exceed their fitness and weight loss goals.

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