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SCIENTIFIC STUDIES SUPPORTING SAFETY AND THE EFFICACY OF SURFACE ELECTROMYOGRAPHY IN DENTISTRY INTRODUCTION TO SURFACE ELECTROMYOGRAPHY FOR MUSCLE MONITORING OF MASTICATORY MUSCLES EMG AND ACTION POTENTIALS The conductive properties of the whole nerve and muscle allow measurement of electrical activity with extra-cellular (surface) electrodes. Typical monitoring sites for masticatory muscles include the masseter, anterior temporalis, […]


A SELECTION OF PUBLISHED ARTICLES OF CLINICAL INTEREST IN NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY 1987 – 2009 Boyd, C.S., Slagle, W.F., Boyd, C.M., Bryant, R.W., and Wiygul, J.P. The Effect of head position on electromyographic evaluations of representative mandibular positioning muscle Groups. Cranio. Vol. 5, No. 1, January 1987. The results of this investigation indicate that the electromyographic […]

Select Studies

SELECT STUDIES SUPPORTING THE EFFICACY OF NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY AND NM OCCLUSION There is a vast body of literature supporting the science of neuromuscular dentistry and neuromuscular occlusion. The following is a partial list of studies that investigate patient population‟s response to NM treatment. These articles published in refereed journals document the efficacy of neuromuscular principles […]

Scott Davis

Lisa’s story through her husband, Scott’s eyes. “It was so painful for me to watch my wife slowly disintegrate physically, mentally and emotionally. She went through six root canals in less than six months. She lost over twenty-five pounds, and had numerous sleepless nights. She had to be admitted to the hospital because we thought […]

Lisa Davis

Following is an account of how one patient’s pain and agony was alleviated after visiting an LVI-trained dentist. “Within six months, I had undergone a total of six root canals (including re-treatments) on three teeth. My physician admitted me to the hospital with nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. While in the hospital, I spoke with a […]


I wanted to write you to really thank you and your team for making my whole smile makeover experience the best ever. As you know, I came recommended for a simple cleaning and exam. What I wasn’t expecting was a state of the art dental experience that your entire office provided. From the first front […]

Kim, Palm Desert, CA

I just wanted to say thank you to LVI for offering training for neuromuscular dentistry. I suffered horribly from TMJ until I saw an LVI-trained dentist in Palm Desert, California. The doctor and his team received training at LVI. I’ve had my splint less than one week and already feel like I have my life […]

Christie A.

After suffering in pain for nearly two decades (and grinding away my once beautiful teeth), the brilliant Dr. Jon and his awesome staff literally saved my life — my QUALITY of life, anyway! I had become accustomed to living with the daily pain and discomfort that my nightly grinding was causing and resigned myself to […]

Monica P – Montana

I cannot believe where I am today…Pain Free! I started having my symptoms of TMD about 13 years ago. It started with numb hands and arms that felt like they were in a vice clamp during my sleep but eventually progressed to any time of the day. At first, I would go to the chiropractor […]

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari

“LVI education has helped me tremendously, not only through troubled economy but also maintaining quality of care ans feeling motivated and inspired. Thank you for all that you do. I feel proud to be a part of LVI education.”