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Melinda Lee

“Working with an LVI trained dentist is extremely rewarding. You get to be a part of a team that offers predictable dentistry for your patients. It allows the patient to experience a better, healthier and longer life and they show their appreciation to the whole team which makes going to work fun…that cannot be overshadowed […]

Dr. John Hay

“My journey in neuromuscular dentistry at LVI has energized me both professionally and personally. I am making more, working less and am happier with my profession now than I ever have before!”

Dr. Bill Stankoven

“LVI has helped to rejuvenate my career and keep me on the cutting edge of how to do the best dentistry possible for my patients. I used to watch these compromised dentitions, now I can do something to help them out and give my patients what they deserve – ‘The Best Dentistry Possible’.”

Laverne St. Pierre

“I have an A.S. in Baking and Pastry and a B.S. in food service management. I got a job as a receptionist in a LVI dental office 2 months ago and it has forever changed my life. I will never leave NMD after attending LVI. I have found a hidden passion thanks to LVI and […]

Dr. Christina Samra

“I did not hesitate to start LVI after finishing dental school because I am confident this is the correct way to practice dentistry. I am so thankful that LVI is available. You have done an amazing job at organizing the lectures and making everything so much fun!”

Dr. David A. Smith

“There isn’t any aspect of my dentistry that hasn’t been improved by my training at LVI. Being able to treat all types of cases, LVI has allowed me to treat patients across the spectrum from cosmetics to dysfunction resulting in a consistent flow of patients into the office even in troubled times.”

Tina Grady

“The outlook of not only educating myself on higher quality of dentistry but knowing that there is a whole new way to look at life in general with a positive and inspirational aspiration to be a better person and to look forward to an exciting, promising future.”

Dr. Alison Cadaret

“I am inspired when I’m around LVI dentists. They approach things differently – with excellence, confidence, without cynicism which is backed up by research. Thank you!”