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Kari Leslie

“Truly opened my eyes to a whole other side of dentistry and also brought me relief (I am currently in an orthotic) after knowing what I do now, I don’t feel I could ever work in a ‘non’ LVI practice. Thanks LVI (and my doctor too)!”

Dr. Cathy Fuchs

“Wish I would have come to LVI about 20 years ago! It has improved my technical skills, my confidence and my attitude! Wish I could just get the new graduates to come straight out of dental school. Their lives would be so much better!”

Dr. Donna Blair

“1st course educational facility and in addition to the NM approach, the ortho and implant courses have filled holes economically that keep money in the practice.”

Becky Caulfield

“Always positive, encouraging and so exciting. I always leave feeling refreshed and excited to get back to the clinic and start implementing all I have learned.”

Dr. Andrew Rudnick

“I feel like a born again dentist. In regards to the economy this is my best year ever. NM principles have enabled me to do more procedures. While other dentists are whining about how slow they are, I am busy and productive.”

Dr. Ed Theis

“I am always treated as a professional. Courses push me past my comfort level which is what I need. I probably would be thinking of retirement (NO WAY!) if I did not find LVI!”

Dr. Byron Wall

“The neuromuscular and cosmetic concepts I learned at LVI have enabled me to become the ‘Go To’ dentist for pretty smiles, head and neck pain AND other TMD symptoms.”